Korean Beauty Review – A’PIEU Milk Sheet Masks

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Today I’m going to be giving you my thoughts about the Milk masks from a Korean brand called A’PIEU. I’m thinking about having trying different brand’s sheet masks as a series on my blog so comment down below if that is something you would like or would find helpful! Late last month I wrote about Innisfree Sheet Masks, which I bought from Korean Bee Beauty, you can read that review here.

After that review, I was contacted on Instagram by a representative from Korean Bee Beauty and asked if I would like to try other masks from their site. In my last post I expressed my interest in the A’PIEU sheet masks as the packaging is super cute, so I was sent a few of these masks. Although I was sent these masks for free, this review will be 100% honest and I have no obligation to say positive things about the brand – I was not contacted by the brand A’PIEU, but by a distributor.

On the Korean Bee Beauty website, these retail for £2.50 each, which is slightly more than the Innisfree masks, but by no means expensive.

So, get some snacks and a beverage because we’re about to get into this review!

Packaging and Description

As you can see in the above photos, the packaging for these masks looks like milk cartons. I honestly think that’s adorable and was what drew me to the masks.

These masks are described on the website as containing ‘milk protein extract that hydrates the skin’, they’re supposed to smell of milk desserts (honestly I’m unsure about what a milk dessert is apart from custard, someone please tell me) without the smell being overwhelming. You can read the full description on the Korean Bee Beauty website here, but it mostly just repeats similar descriptions.

The Variants


  • White Milk (Hydrating)
  • Coffee Milk (Firming)
  • Banana Milk (Nourishing)
  • Coconut Milk (Moisturising)
  • Green Tea Milk (Soothing)
  • Strawberry Milk (Brightening)
  • Chocolate Milk (Smoothing)

I received Coffee Milk, Banana Milk, Coconut Milk, Green Tea Milk, and Strawberry Milk so these are the ones I will be focusing this review on.

Coffee Milk (Firming)

The description on the Korean Bee Beauty website states that the mask contains ‘Coffee Extract that improves elasticity and provides smoother, more radiant skin’ and ‘Hydrolyzed Collagen that nourish[es] and delivers hydration to prevent sagging.’

Firstly, the smell of this mask is heavenly, it smells EXACTLY like coffee milk. As advertised the smell is not overwhelming and once it was on I didn’t really notice the smell as much.

I found this mask itchy/tingly towards the bottom of my face and where the serum was on my neck. I’m not going to lie and say it was pleasant because it wasn’t, it made it quite difficult to wear the mask for the full time (20+ minutes) and it certainly wasn’t relaxing. However, once the mask is removed, this feeling stops. I personally found that I could deal with it, but I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin.

The mask did dry up towards the end of the time, unlike the Innisfree masks which seem to remain just as damp, and massaging the remaining serum into your face doesn’t take very long – I found that it absorbed very quickly in comparison to other masks that I used.

Did it work? – I personally didn’t see much of a difference, my face did look more radiant but in terms of firming, I didn’t see a huge change.

Banana Milk (Nourishing)

The description on the website for this mask details that ‘Banana Extract is very nourishing and provides a healthy skin with vitality’ and that it contains ‘Royal Jelly Extract that soothes sensitive skin and delivers moisture deep into the skin.’

Image taken from Pinterest

This mask smells exactly like foam bananas, I personally don’t mind this smell (and like foam bananas) but I know that some people really hate it. Again the smell wasn’t overpowering and faded once it was on the face. By the way for anyone who has no idea what a foam banana is, it’s the sweet pictured on the right and they are artificially flavoured (and scented) like banana.

The mask dried up way faster than any other sheet masks I’ve tried (and all other masks by A’PIEU) which was a little annoying but I didn’t mind that much. It felt very cooling and nice on the skin and absorbed quickly once it was massaged into the face after removing the mask.

Did it work? – I do think it was quite moisturising and soothing and I would probably use this one again.

Coconut Milk (Moisturising)

Here is the Korean Bee Beauty website description for this mask: ‘Coconut Extract with high dietary fibers and vitamin B that deliver deep moisture into the skin. Tremells Fuciformis Extract that moisturizes and softens the skin while improving elasticity.’

Okay so the smell on this one is still pleasant but I wouldn’t say it’s as nice as the other ones. Not sure if it was meant to smell like coconut but the one I had just smelt like soap, there’s no other way to describe it apart from smelling like that.

Just like the coffee one, this mask is also itchy/tingly and I’m unsure as to why. Again it isn’t unbearable but it isn’t very nice, and I’ve never had this sensation with other brands of masks. Just as with the other masks, once this is removed the sensation stops. Unlike the other masks, once the remaining serum was massaged into the face my face felt sticky.

Did it work? – Honestly, no. Despite the fact that this mask is supposed to be moisturising, my cheeks felt really dry once the serum had been absorbed. If anything it made my face more dry?

Green Tea Milk (Soothing)

The website describes this Green Tea mask as containing ‘Green Tea Extract that gently soothes sensitive skin’ as well as ‘Witch Hazel Extract that balances oils to maintain clearer and healthier skin.’

The smell of this mask is pleasant, faint, and refreshing. As much as I like the milky scents of the other masks (apart from the weird coconut soap one), I definitely think the smell of the one was my favourite. It wasn’t too strong or odd and it just made me feel refreshed.

There was absolutely no itchy or tingly feeling with this mask, which I should hope there isn’t considering it’s supposed to be soothing and for sensitive skin – there’s nothing soothing about desperately wanting to scratch your face.

Did it work? – Yes, really well! I really love this mask and I think it does exactly what it said it would do. I would 100% buy this one again and recommend it to all.

Strawberry Milk (Brightening)

On the Korean Bee Beauty website, this mask is described as having  ‘Strawberry Extract that is rich in Vitamin C and provides clearer and brighter skin’ and ‘Pearl Extract that is effective against dull skin and provides a brighter skin tone.’

This strawberry milk mask smells really, really sweet. I think it definitely does smell like strawberry milk – but not a type of strawberry milkshake that I’ve smelt. Again it’s not massively overpowering but I think the smell for this one is a lot stronger than some of the others.

Once again this mask is very itchy along the jaw line and neck, and is very uncomfortable to wear. It isn’t unbearable but, as it was the first one that I had this reaction with, I couldn’t wait to get this mask off of my face. Additionally, the fit of this mask was off, the part of the mask between my nose and upper lip was super jagged and had chunks cut out of it which sometimes made it difficult to keep in place.

Did it work? – Once it was removed and the remaining product was absorbed it did make my skin look bright and even, it also made my face feel really smooth. However, because of the uncomfortable tingling feeling I probably wouldn’t buy the mask.

Overall, I really liked the cute packaging of these masks and enjoyed how most of them smelt – they mostly did what they said they would however the fact most made my face uncomfortable and itchy puts me off buying them. Additionally, the masks all seemed to wide on the sides, but too short on the forehead – this was especially noticeable on the strawberry milk one. I did really like the green tea milk mask, and possibly would repurchase that one.

If you would like to check out these masks, then you can do so through the Korean Bee Beauty website for £2.50 each plus postage.

Although some of the masks did perform as they stated they would, I personally prefer the Innisfree masks, they’re cheaper (£1.80 per mask plus postage), have more variations, and I think that they are better than these masks. You can find my review on them here. Or you can purchase the Innisfree masks through the Korean Bee Beauty website.

The website does sell a lot more Korean beauty, outside of sheet masks so if you’d like to look at all the different products they distribute then you can do so here. Additionally, you get sent a free sheet mask with every order through the website (I’ve always been sent Tony Moly masks which I will review soon).

That brings us to the end of this review! I really hope that you enjoyed it, if you did then please like this review so I know to continue this Korean sheet mask series on my blog. If you have any thoughts on this post, or know of anything you’d like to see me test out and review then comment below!


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  1. typicalteenager76 says:

    Ooh these seem so different! Great post! Check out my recent? Xx


    1. multibendybeauty says:

      They’re pretty cool, the packaging is adorable! Xx


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  6. I am 1/2 Korean and I wrote a lot about the country’s beauty supplies as well at http://www.thebadasswriter.com. Pay me a visit! I really enjoyed your reviews, how in depth they were in detail, and masks are my favorite thing to write about right now!

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  7. Arisa Chow says:

    Thanks for the review, i got them free in one of my purchases and wasn’t sure to use it until i read your blog!
    Guess i’ll just dump them then lol.


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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Depends which one you have! Some of them worked for me xx


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