The Quest for Blinding Highlight – Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Manny MUA ‘Eclipse’ Skin Frost

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Today I’m going to be continuing on my quest to find blinding highlight. The first in my series was about the Sleek ‘Solstice’ highlighting palette, and you can find that review here, but today I thought I’d write a piece on the ‘Eclipse’ Skin Frost from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics (JSC) and Manny MUA collab.

I am aware that this highlighter was released on the 8th April as part of a limited edition collection with Manny MUA, and is now sold out, but I wanted to include it in my series as it was my first experience with a Jeffree Star Skin Frost (and I’m always hearing how blinding they are).

I bought this from Beauty Bay website on the launch day for £25.50, on the JSC website, and Beauty Lish website, this it is priced at $29.00.

Packaging and Description

Description (from the Beauty Bay website):

Embossed with a crescent moon and star, Manny MUA Skin Frost Eclipse is an icy peach highlighter. In a mirrored compact, the finely milled and highly pigmented pressed powder brightens cheekbones, brow bones and the cupid’s bow with a soft, intense glow.’

The first thing that struck me about this highlighter is how big it is, it contains 15g of product (the Sleek palette was 9g) and it basically fills my hand. I also really love the packaging, and the silver lettering on the front has a holographic rainbow reflect when it is moved in certain lights which is beautiful. I think that ‘icy peach’ is a pretty accurate description although I do find that a finger swatch makes it look slightly more golden on my skin.

My Thoughts

So firstly I do really love the colour, I think that the icy peach suits my skin tone well. I’m unsure how well you can see the swatches, you may need to click that picture individually to see it larger but the first swatch is with my finger, second is with a brush (I use the Moprhe M501), and the bottom swatch is with a brush dampened with setting spray. As you can see the finger swatch is pretty good, however I absolutely went to town with this swatch, I went back and forth over that swatch 4 or 5 times to build up enough pigment. Additionally, a lot of the product remained on my finger and did not transfer to the swatch, I then had to use a makeup wipe to scrape it off. The middle swatch is pretty disappointing, again I had to go over that area 5 or 6 times, and even then there’s hardly any payoff, and only a small amount was picked up on the brush despite me going to town in the pan. I found the best way to apply this was with a brush coated with setting spray.

From viewing the picture of it on my face, you can see that it does look pretty and there is a slight glow, but I personally have a few problems with it. Firstly, to get to this level (which I don’t see as a very high level of pigment) I had to really LAYER the product, I’m talking repeatedly going into the pan. I found that my product was very chunky and glittery, if I don’t spray it with setting spray then glitter flies everywhere when I try to apply it (in my hair, down my face, everywhere). Additionally, I really, really do not think this is blinding. It took me a long time for me to get an angle where the light hit just right on my cheek to show the glow in a photo.

Whilst I do like the colour, and the natural glow that the Skin Frost gives, I think it’s a lot of effort to get to this point – I even scraped off the top layer in one area of the pan to see if that would improve the product (it didn’t), and it’s not very often that I want to use a product that gives a more natural glow. All that I can hear in my head when I use this product is ‘twenty-five pounds fifty’ and I honestly do not think it’s worth that price tag.

This product confuses and disappoints me, I’ve heard so many good things about his Skin Frosts and every YouTube video I watched about this highlighter specifically spoke about how fantastic it was and they achieved a blinding glow on the first swipe. Seeing so many reviews both saying, and showing, how amazing this Skin Frost is makes me question whether I just got a bad one, or am using it wrong (despite that I can use the Sleek palette without setting spray and look like I’m made of metal).

Now don’t get me wrong I love other Jeffree Star products, especially his velour liquid lipsticks, but I feel like this product let me down. Whilst I do think this looks lovely as a natural glow, this series is called ‘The Quest for Blinding Highlight’, so that’s what I’m personally looking for. For me, the Skin Frost just doesn’t suit my needs, I find it too chunky, too glitter, not nearly blinding enough, and too expensive for the product that I received. Despite my experience, we are all very different people and I’d love to hear your views both on this product specifically, and other Jeffree Star Skin Frosts – have you had the same problem, or are they okay for you?

This brings me to the end of this quest, and I can conclude that unfortunately the Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Manny MUA ‘Eclipse’ Skin Frost did not work out in my quest for blinding highlight. If you liked this review then please be sure to give it a like so I know to continue with this series, if there are any highlighters you love (or hate) then comment them down below and I’ll give them a try in this series. I would also really appreciate a follow on my blog if you think my content is something you would like.


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