Rimmel London ‘Super Gel’ Nail Polish Review

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I’m the type of person where having my nails painted makes me feel more confident. However, I also do not have a lot of money and can’t afford to have my nails done all of the time. Plus, I personally find that the gel manicures from salons I’ve had don’t last much longer than a week before chipping, and I don’t enjoy having to go back to have the polish removed. Therefore, I’ve been on the hunt to find some nail polish that won’t chip straight away, that can be removed with regular nail polish so I can change up my nails whenever I please. After using Ciaté London’s polishes for a while, I came across the Rimmel London ‘Super Gel’ nail polishes in Boots and thought I’d give it a try!

Currently I own, and will be reviewing, the following Rimmel London ‘Super Gel’ polishes:

  • ‘Perfect Posy’ – £5.99
  • ‘Purple Splash’ – £5.99
  • ‘Cocktail Passion’ – £5.99
  • ‘Coral Queen’ – £5.99
  • ‘Darling Dahlia’ – £5.99
  • Top Coat – £5.99

I did pay full price for these when I bought them (I bought them throughout the summer, not all at once) but these are frequently on deals, and to be honest I think that £5.99 is a fair price.

*All links to the Boots website in this post are affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission if you click through and/or purchase through the links – this is no extra charge to you*


I couldn’t find exact descriptions of the colours on the Rimmel, Boots, or Superdrug website so the following is my descriptions of what the colours look like. I will be describing them from left to right on my hand, as opposed to from left to right from the picture of the bottles.

  • ‘Perfect Posy’ (pink coral) – Thumb nail
  • ‘Purple Splash’ (muted purple) – Index finger nail
  • ‘Cocktail Passion’ (Barbie pink) – Middle finger nail
  • ‘Coral Queen’ (vibrant orange) – Ring finger nail
  • ‘Darling Dahlia’ (berry red) – Little finger nail

Directions and Claims

These directions are taken directly from the Boots website:

‘Apply two coats of brilliant Super Gel colour using the ultra-accurate precision brush for a streak-free, one-stroke application. The built-in base coat means there’s no need to prep nails to achieve a salon-perfect finish. Apply Super Gel Top Coat to on top of Super Gel Colour to activate the self-curing process – natural light does the rest. Nails are given an incredible shine and a super-smooth durable gel finish that covers any nail imperfections.’

Does it Work?

I have quite a few different thoughts about this polish, and it definitely has both pros and cons, additionally I think there are some tricks to getting it to work well.

Firstly I do like the brush for this polish, it fans out nicely and covers your nail without getting out of control. I actually find that I get much less polish on my skin using this brush than with other polishes.

However, I find that the direction to only apply two coats only works well with some of the colours. As a generally rule I tend to apply my polish in thin layers so that they can dry properly and so I can achieve a more even coating. Personally, using the thin layers that I do, I found that the lighter shades required more than the advised two coats. I found that ‘Perfect Posy’ in particular required between 3 and 4 coats to achieve full opacity. ‘Purple Splash’, ‘Cocktail Passion’, and ‘Coral Queen’ also required around 3 coats. On the other hand, I found that the darkest shade I own ‘Darling Dahlia’ did only need 2 coats to be opaque. Personally, I don’t find the need for extra coats to be a problem. As much as I would love to have a nail polish that is fully opaque in one coat, it doesn’t bother me to do more.

As it is a formula that mimics the effects of a gel manicure, it does take longer to dry than some of my other polishes, and therefore is easy to smudge if you aren’t careful. Additionally, I find that frequently when I’ve finished all of the layers and top coat, and think that my nails are dry, (even if it’s been half an hour to an hour) as soon as I do something I find out that they aren’t and end up with imprints in my nails or smudging. Whilst I do think that this may be because I’m impatient and don’t allow enough time between layers for them to fully dry, I still think this is something to bare in mind and ensure you have plenty of time free to ensure your nails dry properly.

One thing that I will advise is to always use the top coat, and potentially do two layers of it to ensure the polish lasts as long as possible. I find the top coat incredible and have used it on top of other polishes which I usually chip within hours (don’t ask me how, I’m just one of those people who chips their polish immediately after doing it), and find they last days before chipping. As someone who chips their nails frequently, I think this polish is magic. I can wear colours from this Rimmel line for over a week before they chip, which for me is around the same amount of time that I can wear gel manicures from salons without chipping!

I’m unsure if this is only me but although I find that they don’t chip, I do find that they exhibit other peculiar behaviour. After about a week I tend to notice small lines in the polish, which looks like cracking, towards the outer corners of my nails. This is not something that I experience with salon manicures, and I’m unsure what is causing it. I do find that this mostly happens with ‘Purple Splash’ (my favourite colour), but I have seen it on some of my nails when wearing ‘Coral Queen’. I think this problem may partially be due to the pressure that is placed on the nail throughout my daily life, as I find that it happens more on my right hand, and on the nails of the fingers I use more (like my index finger, and thumb).

Overall, the issues that I find with these polishes are really minor, and I actually really love these. I find that the claims of this product are true and they really do work wonderfully. This is the only nail polish that I’ve found so far that lasts over a week without chipping, which is a huge deal for me. I really love the formula and the choice of colours, and I would definitely recommend this polish! The price for these Rimmel London ‘Super Gel’ polishes is also amazing in my eyes, afterall I own Ciaté London polishes (which are priced at £12.00 each) that don’t last as long as these £5.99 Rimmel ones. I always get compliments when I wear these polishes, especially when I’m wearing ‘Purple Splash’, and will definitely be buying more of these to wear during autumn and winter, as most of the colours I have are more summery.

This brings us to the end of this review; if you’d like to get these for yourself then you can get them from Boots here, or from your local Boots or Superdrug store.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think about the product I’ve reviewed! Have you got any of these Rimmel ‘Super Gel’ nail polishes? If so then what do you think of them?

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