Cohorted Beauty Box November 2017 Review

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Today my Cohorted ‘Black Edition Beauty Box’ was delivered so today is review day! As always, I will be giving a quick rundown on what Cohorted is just in case you don’t know.

Cohorted is £35 a month, and contains a ‘selection of hand-picked beauty must haves, enclosed in an elegant all black exterior, and finished with a luxury hand tied bow’ (quoted from the Cohorted website) that they aim to deliver ‘by the 15th of each month’. The box contains full-sized products from high-end brands, and the total retail price of the items inside, is always much higher than the £35 you pay. As with all subscription boxes, you don’t know what you’re going to receive, however they have started sending ‘sneak peek’ emails which show one of the products.

Before we get into it, I want to address that my box was late again this month. They say that they aim to deliver the box between the 5th and the 15th of the month (you can see those dates here). I’ve never received my box sooner than the 10th of the month and it’s arrived after the 15th more than once (this is the second time I’ve noticed). This month my box said it was dispatched on Friday 10th but, whilst they tell you it’s been shipped, Royal Mail don’t receive the parcel for days after Cohorted tell you it’s dispatched. It always just says that Royal Mail are expecting it. My box didn’t actually make it to Royal Mail until the 16th. I know that it might seem petty, but when I’m paying £35 a month for a luxury subscription, I personally expect it to arrive during the dates they specify.

Okay, without further ado we’re going to get into this review. As always, it’s going to be a long one so grab yourself some tea (I’m actually going to go and grab myself one right now) and let’s jump in.


The photo above shows what I received in my November 2017 Cohorted Box. From left to right, top to bottom, I got:

  • Too Faced ‘Melted’ ‘Liquified Long wear Lipstick’ in ‘Melted Villain’ 12ml – £19.00
  • Figs & Rouge ‘Light Reflective Brightening Primer & Illuminator’ 30ml – £35.00
  • Lancôme ‘Visionnaire’ ‘Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream’ 5ml x2 – £20.00
  • New Cid Cosmetics ‘I-Intense Mascara’ – £20.00
  • Plum & Ashby ‘Honey & Jojoba Hand Cream’ 75ml – £15.00

The above prices were taken from the booklet that comes in the Cohorted box. Personally, I always have issues with the booklet, whether it’s typos or incorrect pricing, I’ve never had a booklet that doesn’t contain a mistake. Firstly, I could not find anywhere to buy the Lancôme ‘Visionnaire’ ‘Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream’ in 5ml bottles. The smallest size that Debenhams sell is a 30ml pot for £38. Assuming that this is the most expensive version of the product (considering that usually the larger and more expensive the pot, the less you’re paying per 100ml), this would make the product roughly £1.26 per ml, therefore 5ml would be roughly £6.33, and 10ml roughly £12.66. I’m really unsure how they reached £20 for 10ml. Furthermore, the Plum & Ashby ‘Honey & Jojoba Hand Cream’ is listed as £15.00 in the Cohorted booklet, but is £12.00 on the Plum & Ashby website.

My point about the booklet isn’t supposed to be malicious or accusatory in any way, I just personally think it’s always important to double check prices and details, and not just take what they provide as truth.

Using the pricing provided by Cohorted, the total value of this box is £109. However, assuming the Lancôme products are worth £12.66, and the Plum & Ashby product is £12.00, the total value would be £98.66. Both of these prices are, of course, much larger than the £35 originally paid.

Too Faced ‘Melted’ ‘Liquified Long wear Lipstick’ in ‘Melted Villain’ 12ml

Around the 13th of the month I always start getting impatient if my box hasn’t arrived yet, and this month was no different. So I couldn’t help but look on Instagram to see what was going to arrive. I saw a few different posts and was excited for this product, but also slightly nervous as the colours seemed to vary between box to box and I’d seen some with really bright colours.

As I removed the booklet, I saw this box and honestly was really interested. I don’t own many purple lipsticks, but have been interested in finding a good one for a while (I have tried some Lime Crime ones but they did not go to plan, you can check out that review here). I did quickly google the shade to see if it was one I would like or if I should put it into my giveaway pile, but decided that I wanted to give it a try.

The description in the Cohorted booklet is as follows:

‘Get the staying power of a stain, the intense colour of a liquid lipstick and the high shine of a gloss in one longwear formula. Using exclusive technology to keep cauldrons of molten lipsticks liquid and creamy, ‘Melted’ liquified longwear lipstick comfortable coats lips in bursts of intense, high impact, super rich, saturated colour that lasts for hours.’

I’ve tried a few of the Too Faced ‘Melted’ lipsticks before, as I asked for a set of minis for Christmas last year and they’re honestly not my favourite. I don’t find myself reaching for the ones that I have, but I thought that may have been just down to the colours and not the product itself.

For anyone not familiar with these lipsticks they come in a squeezy tube, a bit like a lip gloss tube, and have a fuzzy sponge applicator that the product comes through. Personally, I find this applicator really difficult to use and I always end up getting into a bit of a mess. It says on the box that it ‘allows for precise application’ but I don’t really experience this.

I’m unsure whether it was just my one, but when I first squeezed it, the product was super watery and not pigmented at all (see the first swatch in the picture). I put the cap back on and shook it again, but it was still coming out the same. After a while of passing it backwards and fowards on my arm, loads of product came out at once and was almost chunky (see the second swatch in the picture above). Finally, the colour I was left with, and what I applied, was the bottom swatch.

Whilst it doesn’t look patchy in the final swatch, on the lips I found certain areas were darker than others, and it fell into every fine line. The product didn’t seem to dry down, it wasn’t transfer-proof, and after a few minutes it began bleeding outside of my lip line. I ate some chips (or fries, whatever you would like to call them) and the product completely wore away on most of my lips. For me, with my experience of the product, I’d say that it isn’t a long wear lipstick at all, and certainly would not last for the ‘hours’ that it claims.

Overall, I don’t think I will ever use this product again. For me personally, there isn’t anything I like about it apart from the shade. I much prefer a liquid lipstick with a regular applicator, that dries down matte and is transfer-proof.

If anyone knows if this is a faulty product or if they’re all like this, then please let me know!

If you’d like to try this product out for yourself, or read more, then you can do so on the Depenhams website, or the Too Faced website.

Figs & Rouge ‘Light Reflective Brightening Primer & Illuminator’ 30ml


In the Cohorted booklet, it actually states that the product should be the Figs & Rouge ‘Flawless Canvas Balancing Primer & Colour Corrector’. However, as you can see from the photo above, I actually received the ‘Light Reflective Brightening Primer & Illuminator’. Whilst it’s the same price, and the same type of product (a primer), it’s not the same product and the claims are different. Therefore, I will be taking the information about it’s claims from the Figs & Rouge website, instead of the Cohorted booklet.

The website describes this product as a:

‘Weightless Oil-Free Mineral Gel Primer Revitalises & Illuminates for a Healthy Glowing Complexion. A perfectly Balanced Universal Shade enhances & brightens throughout the day. Formulated with Panthenol & Sodium Salicylate to help deliver more youthful & energised skin-tone.’

This was the sneak peek product for November and I was honestly disappointed. One of the downsides of Cohorted for me is that you don’t fill out a beauty profile like you do with other beauty boxes, so everyone gets the same thing. This means you may receive shades that don’t match you, or products that you won’t use. I don’t wear foundation, so I was pretty unhappy with receiving a primer.

In the Cohorted September box (a review of that is here) we received a different Figs & Rouge product that I absolutely LOVE and use every day. So, whilst I like other products by Figs & Rouge, and am interested in trying out other things, the primer didn’t seem like something useful to me.

However, on the back of the bottle it states ‘blend onto skin lightly with fingertips. Wear alone or under Make-up. Can be used on cheeks & face to illuminate & re-brighten throughout the day.’ So this fills me with some hope that I actually will get use out of this. I’ve just squeezed a small amount onto my finger and dabbed it into the back of my hand and honestly it’s beautiful.

The product comes out as a golden-hued liquid and contains very small shimmery particles. It’s left a really nice natural glow on the back of my hand and isn’t too glittery. I actually do think that I’ll get a lot of use out of this, and will probably put some down under my powder highlighter to give it a bit more shine. I also think this would make a really good body highlighter on the collar bone, or shoulders, or wherever else you want to glow (aka, everywhere).

If you want to find out more information then you can do so on the Figs & Rouge website, or you can purchase it for £35.00 through Feel Unique.

Lancôme ‘Visionnaire’ ‘Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream’ 5ml x2

This is apparently a new product from Lancôme (it states ‘new from Lancôme’ in the booklet).

Let’s jump straight into the product claims and description as written in the Cohorted booklet:

‘Visionnaire Multi-Correcting SPF 20 Moisturiser works to correct by reducing the appearance of signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dullness and a lack of firmness and helps to protect against premature skin ageing. Formulated with a UVA/UVB filter, the moisturiser offers SPF protection in the Visionnaire range. Easy to use, apply Visionnaire Multi-Correcting SPF 20 Moisturiser daily. After cleansing and toning, the light weight texture helps to nourish skin with moisture and helps to protect the skin, ready for the day ahead.’

Whilst I do like the idea of a moisturiser with SPF and anti-ageing properties that doesn’t smell like plasticine like the one that I have, this product just doesn’t really excite me.

I think part of the reason why I’m not very excited by it is because Cohorted included two 5ml Lancôme samples in the last box. Although I have been using those (sparingly because I can’t afford the full-sized one), I just think that including two of the same product is a bit odd, and including two of the same product, two months in a row, both by Lancôme, seems even stranger to me (the product by Lancôme last month was different to this month’s).

Personally, I would prefer either to have one 10ml product (or larger), or have one 5ml and a completely different product. If I don’t like this 5ml one then I have another tiny 5ml sample that I can’t do anything with. If I do like it then I have the same product in double the packaging and will have double the struggle trying to get the last drops of product out.

If you’re interested in this Lancôme product, you can find out more information, or buy a 30ml tub for £38 from Debenhams here.

New Cid Cosmetics ‘I-Intense Mascara’ 

When I saw this in people’s Instagram photos I had absolutely no idea what it was – turns out it’s a mascara!

I’ve never heard of this brand before, which is something that I love about Cohorted. I really enjoy discovering new brands and trying out new products and Cohorted is really good for that. They always have ‘brand discovery’ products each month which are products from lesser-known brands. As well as containing more well-known brands (such as Too Faced).

There’s something about a gold mascara tube that I love. I’m like a bird, I’m attracted to anything super shiny – especially if it’s silver or gold. I also really enjoy trying out new mascaras, I always have a bunch going at once that I switch between. So naturally, I was drawn to this product and couldn’t wait to try it.

In the Cohorted booklet this has the following description:

‘The i-intense mascara is buildable with a richly pigmented formula. The brush delivers superior separation whilst volumising ingredients and flexible polymers plump up, lengthen and perfectly separate every single lash in an easy sweep.’

Sorry for my rubbish winged liner in the picture above, I wanted to quickly do a wing to test this mascara. In case you can’t tell if you’ve read my blog for a while, or follow me on Instagram, I am a big fan of winged liner and am rarely spotted without it. Therefore, it’s important to me that a mascara can make my lashes look good whilst I have bold liner on.

I am a big fan of this mascara, it separated and lengthened my lashes really nicely. I would prefer it if it made them slightly thicker, but I’d imagine this could be achieved with a few more coats. The wand is a really good shape to get all of your lashes and I found that it gave very minimal transfer onto my eyelid. There was a lot more transferring when I went to do my bottom lashes but I always get that issue, and it wasn’t anything too major.

My lashes don’t feel heavy at all and I honestly forgot I was even wearing makeup today. I’ve also been for a run and my lashes look just as good as they did before. I’d say this mascara is a big win for me.

I actually couldn’t find this mascara online, I could only find one called ‘i-flutter’, which may be the same one but I’m unsure.

Plum & Ashby ‘Honey & Jojoba Hand Cream’ 75ml


As well as the mascara, I was very drawn to this product. As it’s now getting colder, everyone needs a good hand cream and I love anything with jojoba oil in it. Plus this is a huge tube so I’d imagine it would last a while.

The Cohorted booklet describes this product with the following passage:

‘A rich, long-lasting and nourishing hand cream that will look after and moisturise dry skin. With extracts of corn poppy, plant butter, and vitamin E, this hand cream is full of natural ingredients and essential oils. Light in texture and with a fragrant scent that lingers for hours, this hand cream is a real treat for your dry, hardworking hands. And it looks really attractive too, housed in a metallic tube with a simple and stylish label. Keep this hand cream in your handbag or next to the skin for instant hydration. Also, it’s a great idea as a gift for friends and family!’

Am I the only one that thinks this product sounds fab?

Personally, I don’t notice that much of a scent to it. Whilst it does have a smell, it’s so light that once it’s been absorbed it’s difficult to smell it unless you’re very close to where it’s been applied. The cream itself absorbs really quickly and feels light-weight which I absolutely love. I can’t stand hand creams that take ages to absorb and leave your hands greasy and this one doesn’t do that at all!

I also love the packaging, I think it’s really elegant and the font, placement of the label, and metallic bottle make it look expensive.

If you’d like to find out more about this product or buy it yourself then you can do so for £12 on the Plum & Ashby website here.

Overall, this month’s box wasn’t my favourite but I do think I’ll get use out of all of the products. My favourite items have to be the Plum & Ashby hand cream which I 100% can see myself using multiple times a day, and the New Cid Cosmetics mascara which I will definitely use more. My least favourite product was definitely the Too Faced lipstick, but I will be trying it out more to see if I can get it to work better for me.

I’m sad to announce that this will actually be my last Cohorted box for the foreseeable future. I simply can’t afford the £35 a month that this box is. Additionally, I find that each month I am disappointed by some of the products in the box and it ends up not being worth the price that I pay. I should be better off financially at the end of January so will replace this box with two cheaper subscriptions (that will still probably end up being less than this box). If you have any recommendations about what beauty subscriptions I should sign up for, then please let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out! I will be creating a roundup post about Cohorted with all of my thoughts and feelings about the box some point soon so look out of that

Thank you so much for reading this review, I hope that you enjoyed it! If you did like reading this then please give it a like, I really appreciate it. Additionally, if you think my blog is something that you’d like to read more then be sure to subscribe so you know when I’m posting – I write reviews at least twice a week.

Also if you enjoyed this post, be sure to read my other beauty box reviews here.


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