Korean Beauty Review – E’Tude House Sheet Masks

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Before I get into this blog post, I think it’s only right to address my one month blogging absence. A lot has happened in the last month or so in my personal life and I’m still trying to find my feet again. I’ve also had a lot of deadlines for my master’s. Unfortunately, all of this meant that my blogging schedule slipped. Previously, I was writing blog posts on the day that I was publishing them, however this isn’t a realistic way for me to produce content when I’m really busy. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been here, I’ve definitely learned from my mistakes, and there will be no absences from me for the foreseeable future! Thank you for sticking with me.

Okay so let’s get into this post! Today I’ll be reviewing the E’Tude House Sheet Masks as part of my Korean sheet mask review series. I’ve previously reviewed the A’PIEU Milk Sheet Masks and the Innisfree Sheet Masks. You can find the A’PIEU review here, and the Innisfree review here.

I always buy my Korean sheet masks from the Korean Bee Beauty website. On their website, these retail for £1.99, which I think is really fair price. The price point for these is situated in-between the Innisfree masks which are £1.80, and the A’PIEU masks which are £2.50.



As you can see from the above photo, each mask variant comes in different coloured packaging and has shapes that represent the type of mask that it is. They also have a banner describing the mask benefits.

This packaging makes it easy to distinguish between each mask, which I like.


On the website these are described as being thin and translucent which is why they’re called 0.2mm air therapy masks. It also states ‘your skin will feel nourished and healthy after using these masks’ and that there are three types of mask; ‘watery essence’ which ‘absorbs better with a matte dry down’, ‘ampoule essence’ which is ‘more dewy and a bit sticky on the skin’, and ’emulsion essence’ which are ‘more milky-creamy’.

The Variants:
  • Aloe (Watery Essence – Moisturising and Soothing)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (Ampoule Essence – Moisturising)
  • Snail (Emulsion Essence – Smoothing and Firming)
  • Collagen (Emulsion Essence – Firming)
  • Pomegranate (Ampoule Essence – Brightening)
  • Green Team (Watery Essence – Moisturising and Soothing)
  • Ceramide (Emulsion Essence – Moisturising)
  • Tea Tree (Watery Essence – Refreshing and Soothing)
  • Pearl (Ampoule Essence – Brightening)
  • Blueberry (Watery Essence – Firming and Brightening)
  • Manuka Honey (Emulsion Essence – Moisturising)
  • Lotus (Watery Essence – Soothing and Purifying)
  • Lemon (Watery Essence – Moisturising and Brightening)
  • Strawberry (Ampoule Essence – Brightening)
  • Damask Rose (Watery Essence – Moisturising)

I bought Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Lotus, Snail, Ceramide, and Pearl so will be focusing my review on these masks.

Hyaluronic Acid

As someone who has dry skin, I’m very accustomed to hyaluronic acid. For anyone who doesn’t know what hyaluronic acid is, it’s basically a large sugar that occurs naturally in our bodies, but production of the acid slows down as we age. Used on the skin, it can temporarily reduce the look of fine lines, and helps to hydrate the skin by attracting water to the surface of the skin which can then be absorbed. I use a moisturiser which contains hyaluronic acid, but I think a mask is a fantastic idea.

I don’t really have any notes for this mask. I didn’t find that it smelt like anything and it applied easily. It was a bit sticky after the mask was removed though (which is explained through it being an ‘ampoule essence’ mask. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of masks that leave the skin sticky afterwards, but it moisturised well so I’m not too bothered.

Did it work? – Yes it moisturised my skin nicely.


I’ve been wanting to try a collagen mask for a while, as last time I ordered the collagen mask was out of stock so I was sent a different one. I’m into anti-ageing so I was excited to try this mask.

Despite always moving the sheet mask around in the packet to ensure the product is distributed well, I found that the mask was really dry in certain places yet really saturated in other areas. I also found that it was really small around the mouth area – that was a common theme for these masks, they all seemed slightly too small around the eye and mouth holes.

Did it work? – When I removed the mask, I didn’t see a noticeable difference to my skin. I do have some fine lines on my forehead but this mask made no difference to them. Personally, I probably wouldn’t buy this mask from E’Tude House again though I would maybe try a collagen mask from a different brand.


If I’m entirely honest, I’m unsure why I chose this mask when I bought them as I’m not 100% sure what it is supposed to do. The E’Tude House website says that it’s supposed to make your skin calm and make you feel comfortable and healthy.

Whilst I would say that this mask was refreshing, and smelt pleasant, I’m not sure what it did for my skin. I wouldn’t say that it provided much moisture to my skin, or brightened it. I did enjoy wearing the mask and the feeling afterwards, but personally I use sheet masks for the skincare benefit that they have. If anyone knows what the skin benefits of Lotus are, then please drop it in a comment!

Did it work? – As I’m not sure what it claims to do, I don’t feel right to comment on whether it works or not. From my experience, I didn’t notice a difference to my skin, but if you’re looking for a mask just to pamper yourself, this one might work for you.


There’s something about snail masks that just creep me out. Sheet masks are always slimey but for some reason when I know it’s snail, it’s different. I’ve used one snail mask before and it moisturised my skin really nicely, so I wanted to try this one out from E’Tude House.

Once again, this mask didn’t smell like anything which I was glad about. I did find that this one was particularly slimey, but that isn’t unusual with snail masks. I also noticed that the leftover serum from this mask took longer to be absorbed into the skin, and there was a lot left over.

Did it work? – As with the other snail mask I’ve tried, I found that this mask moisturised my skin really well and I had no dryness the following day. However, I think that personally it’s too much of a battle to get myself to use snail masks so I probably wouldn’t buy this again – but this is just due to my personal issue with it being snail, I have no issues with the outcome from the product.


This was the mask that I first used since it said it would provide deep moisturisation. I’ve never used a product that contains ceramide before so I bought the mask out of interest – anything that can help my dry skin is welcome!

As with some of the other masks, I found that the eye and mouth holes were pretty small, which did make it slightly uncomfortable to wear. Rubbing all of the excess serum in took quite a while but afterwards my skin looked more even and felt cool, soft, and really hydrated. In the morning after a shower, I found that my skin wasn’t as dry as it usually is when I get out of the shower. However, I did still require moisturiser.

Did it work? – The mask does say that it provides ‘deep moisturising’ which, if I’m 100% honest, I don’t think that it provides. That being said, I would still repurchase, and use the mask again as I do think that it provided some good moisturisation. Additionally, with repeated use, it may help with the overall dryness of my skin.


So one thing I didn’t notice is that on the E’Tude House website, this mask says it’s for skin whitening. I bought it as it said it was brightening, not whitening. Whilst my skin does need brightening, I (as well as everyone else) do not need a mask that whitens my skin.

This aside, I think that the excess serum absorbed well into my skin once the mask was removed and it did leave my complexion looking brighter and more even. The spot of hyperpigmentation on my cheek didn’t look as dark afterwards (which makes sense now that I know it’s a whitening mask), and my skin looked overall healthy and glowy.

Did it work? – In terms of brightening, I do think that this mask works well and I probably would buy it again.

Overall, I did really like these masks. I would repurchase some of them, such as the hyaluronic acid mask, the ceramide mask, and potentially the pearl one. Additionally, I’m interested in trying some of the other variants of the mask. I think the price point for these masks is fantastic.

If you would like to check out these masks or purchase them for yourself then you can do so on the Korean Bee Beauty website for £1.99 each plus postage.

The website does sell a lot more Korean beauty, outside of sheet masks so if you’d like to look at all the different products they distribute then you can do so here. Additionally, you get sent a free sheet mask with every order through the website (I’ve always been sent Tony Moly masks which I will review once I have enough).

That brings us to the end of this review! I hope that you enjoyed it, once again I’d like to apologise for my blogging break. If you did like this review then please give it a quick like so that I know to continue this series on my blog. Have you tried these masks? Leave a comment of what you thought about them below. Additionally, if you think that my blog contains content that you might be interested in then please subscribe, I post twice a week!

You can read my other Korean Sheet Mask reviews here.


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  1. I know how expensive sheet masks can be when imported to the UK, even if I don’t have the problem anymore now that I live in Korea. Some sellers on ebay sell sheets for even less than what you paid for the ones you featured in this post. They don’t take overly too long to arrive if the are coming from China or directly from Korea.

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    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I’ll have a look for alternatives, I only use this site as the masks come within a few days and they send a free mask with every order! However, the masks I want are usually sold out and they don’t have too many varieties


  2. One last thing (lol) … I’m not sure whether you have heard of yesstyle.com, but they are a trustworthy site with decent prices as they often do offers and discounts ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. multibendybeauty says:

      I have heard of yesstyle, I put a note in my phone a while ago that just says ‘yesstyle – Korean Beauty’, I just haven’t got round to checking it out properly yet! I’ll definitely browse their website in the new year, and probably spend way too much


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