Ciaté London ‘Mini Mani Month’ Advent Calendar 2017 Review

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Although it’s Christmas Eve, I thought I’d review an advent calendar – after all, now that advent is over this calendar will be on sale! Additionally, it may help you decide if you wanted to get the calendar next year.

I actually bought this calendar yesterday, 23rd December, from TK Maxx (TJ Maxx). I’ve been interested in beauty advent calendars for years but usually they’re expensive and I just can’t justify spending that much on an advent calendar when I’m unsure what’s inside.

However, because I bought it on the 23rd December, the calendar was heavily reduced, and at TK Maxx I paid £13 instead of the £50 original price!

In this review I’ll take you through what’s inside the calendar, and my general thoughts about it.

What do you get inside?


I’m going to detail below what you get in each day of the calendar, so there will be spoilers! When I bought this I didn’t know what was going to be inside as I hadn’t looked into the calendar too much. Plus, even though I follow Ciaté London on Instagram, I was having major FOMO (fear of missing out) every time they posted about the calendar on their story, so I’d swipe past.

  1. Midnight in Paris (deep blue with silver glitter)
  2. Cabaret (purple)
  3. Gelology top coat (clear top coat)
  4. Part time mermaid (shimmery mint green with duo chrome shift)
  5. Locket (silver glitter)
  6. Moonlit whispers (shimmery teal)
  7. Beach please! (bright pink)
  8. Desert lights (shimmery iridescent purple)
  9. The naked truth (nude)
  10. What the shell?! (royal blue)
  11. Cosmic love (multicoloured glitter with stars)
  12. Big top (red loose glitter)
  13. Moondust (purple duo chrome with gold shift)
  14. A glitter nail file
  15. Palm springs (pearlescent royal blue)
  16. Reign supreme (deep purple)
  17. Nail super hero (strengthening base coat)
  18. Maybe baby (coffee nude)
  19. After party (lilac/purple iridescent)
  20. House of mirrors (shimmery purple iridescent)
  21. Champagne kisses (rose gold glitter)
  22. Roll up, roll up (deep teal)
  23. Mostly a minx (red)
  24. Showtime (gold glitter with larger pink glitters)

My thoughts

Each polish is mini-sized, apart from the final polish ‘showtime’ that is full-sized. On the Ciaté website you can buy the minis for £6 each, and the large ones for £12, making the value of this calendar £144. The fact that I paid £13 for this calendar shocks me, especially considering the large polish alone is worth £12.


For my Christmas nails I used day number 23’s polish ‘Mostly a minx’ on four of my nails, and topped them with day number 12’s loose glitter ‘Big top’, before adding the ‘Gelology top coat’. For my ring fingers I used day number 24’s ‘Showtime’. You can see a picture of how this looks above!

Having not known what was inside, I was pleasantly surprised by the polishes that were inside. I’ve had Ciaté London nail varnishes before and I know they’re really high quality, which is also why I was interested when I saw this advent calendar. Honestly, there’s not one shade in here that I didn’t like, and I will definitely get use out of all of them. Some of them seem more like summer shades, such as the vibrant pink shade ‘beach please!’ but all in all, I think this advent calendar is fantastic.

Currently on the Ciaté website you can buy this for £20 due to their sale, which I think is a great price, but potentially other places may start selling it cheaper due to boxing day sales, and Christmas being over.

Overall, I would highly recommend this Ciaté London calendar. I think that the Ciaté team picked a wonderful range of polishes to go into this calendar, and they’re great colours for all year round – not just during the holidays. All the polishes I already own from Ciaté are of fantastic quality. Although buying the polishes separately can be costly, this advent calendar is an amazing way to try out some of the colours for an amazing price. If you like nail varnish, and wear it frequently, then I would highly recommend getting this calendar during the sales, you can get it from the Ciaté website. Alternatively, if you have a TK Maxx close to where you live, it might be worth checking to see if they have the calendar – plus TK Maxx sometimes has some incredible beauty deals (reviews on other items I picked up there will be coming soon).

So this brings us to the end of this post about the Ciaté London ‘Mini Mani Month’ Advent Calendar 2017, I really hope that you enjoyed reading it! If you did then be sure to give this review a quick like, it would mean a lot to me. What do you think of this calendar? Did you have it leading up to Christmas? Let me know in the comments. Additionally, if you think that my blog contains content that you think you’d enjoy then please follow my blog to stay updated with when I’m posting – I post twice a week!

Merry Christmas!


Charlotte (Multibendystraw)

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