Arbonne ‘RE9 Advanced’ Skincare Unaffiliated Review

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Last week I reviewed the Arbonne ‘It’s a Long Story Mascara’. I was really nervous about posting that review because people are either extremely passionate, or have a lot of negative opinions, when it comes to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies like Arbonne. However, I’m feeling better going into this one as I received support on my Instagram which made me feel a lot better about reviewing.

I covered what MLM is in my previous post, so I’m not going to cover that again in this review. I would highly recommend reading my previous Arbonne review before you read this one. You can find that review here. Instead of covering MLM, I’ll be explaining the different purchasing options, and prices, in this post – I found it pretty confusing but I now have a grasp of it!

As per my previous Arbonne post, these products were sent to me by a woman called Christa, Instagram username ca16cp, who messaged me on Instagram asking if I would like to sample some products from the brand.

Once again, I would like to emphasise that I am not at all connected to, or affiliated with, Arbonne. I do not sell products from Arbonne, I don’t have any kind of discount code, and I wasn’t told to say something positive in exchange for the products. In fact, before I accepted the samples, I ensured that I had no obligation to speak favourably about the products, and no obligation to purchase anything. I also explained that I don’t view Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) positively, but I was still open to trying some of the products.

This review is also going to be extremely long so buckle up! I’m going to break down the products and their claims, their prices and the pricing structure of Arbonne, my experience with the products, and then my overall thoughts.

Products & Claims

Arbonne 'RE9 Advanced' Skincare

I was sent samples of the entire RE9 Advanced skincare collection which allowed for me to use the set to replace my current skincare routine. Since it was sent to me to be used as an entire routine, I will be reviewing it as such (instead of breaking down each product). As I always used all of the products together, it would be difficult to review each individually.

In this section I’ll detail what products I received, and the descriptions of these products shown on the Arbonne website. I’ve added in bold the main claims of each product.

Included in my sample set were the following products:

RE9 Advanced ‘Smoothing Facial Cleanser’

‘Youthful looking skin starts with clean skin. This pearlescent crème formula creates a light foam to gently wash away makeup and impurities. With an added plant derived moisturiser, you can bet on starting your day with a refreshed, hydrated canvas.’

RE9 Advanced ‘Regenerating Toner’

‘Set the right tone with a quick misting of this toner that helps minimise the appearance of pore size through added cleansing. Just a few spritses or swipes over the skin help refresh the skin and enhance radiance by evening out the appearance of skin tone, preparing it for the next step.’

RE9 Advanced ‘Intensive Renewal Serum’

‘This super concentrated formula helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, balanced with a light, silky texture. Advanced peptides, antioxidants and essential botanicals work synergistically within the formula to hold in moisture and help enhance the look of skin smoothness and firmness. So good, your skin will never want to be without it.’

RE9 Advanced ‘Corrective Eye Cream’

‘Pat this on gently around the eye area for deep hydration that locks in moisture to help reduce the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles. Caffeine helps diminish the appearance of puffiness and dark circles through hydration while olive squalane provides moisturisation to help nourish the delicate eye area for a youthful looking glow.’

RE9 Advanced ‘Night Repair Cream’

‘Sleep your way to beautiful skin. Formulated with an ultra hydrating blend of botanicals, plus collagen supporting ingredients that replenish moisture and deliver essential nourishment to maximise the skin’s natural reparative cycle. Helps reduce the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles through moisturisation — all while you sleep.’

RE9 Advanced ‘Restorative Day Cream SPF 20’

‘Protect your gorgeous skin from UVA/UVB rays with our concentrated formula that contains collagen-supporting ingredients for a youthful look.’

RE9 Advanced ‘Extra Moisture Restorative Day Cream SPF 20’

‘This extra-hydrating cream for drier skin moisturises deeply, supports collagen and protects skin’s youthful appearance.’

I’ve written these in the order that they need to be used (with exception of the day creams which should be used in the day and as needed).


If you read my Arbonne mascara review and thought that product was expensive then take a moment to brace yourself for these prices!

  • RE9 Advanced ‘Smoothing Facial Cleanser’ – £36.00
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Regenerating Toner’ – £32.00
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Intensive Renewal Serum’ – £52.00
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Corrective Eye Cream’ – £49.00
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Night Repair Cream’ – £75.00
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Restorative Day Cream SPF 20’ – £55.00
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Extra Moisture Restorative Day Cream SPF 20’ – £55.00

This gives a grand total of £354 if I wanted to purchase these products from Arbonne for full price.

Alternatively, they have options to buy the RE9 Advanced set, with EITHER the Restorative Day Cream SPF 20 or the Extra Moisture one for £299. If you bought this set (therefore containing the cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, night cream, and one day cream), you’re paying exactly the same price as if you were to buy each product separately.

However, here’s when we start to get complicated with the pricing!

These prices are called SRP (suggested retail price). However, these aren’t the only price options from Arbonne. There’s a second price on all of the products with the letters PC next to them. PC in this case stands for preferred client. If you become a preferred client then you get 20% off of all product purchases, and 40% off when buying ASVPs (Arbonne special value packs). Which I’ll get onto in a second. As well as this, those who are Arbonne consultants get 35% off of their purchases. The main difference between PCs and consultants, apart from that consultants get an additional 15% off, is that PCs don’t need to sell Arbonne.

So, there are three different ways to purchase Arbonne:

  • As a regular customer, purchasing at the suggest retail price (SRP).
  • As a preferred client (PC), purchasing at 20% off the SRP.
  • As a consultant, purchasing at 35% off the SRP.

All prices I showed above were the suggested retail prices of the products, you will see the PC prices of the products below.

Being a Preferred Client (PC)

To get the 20% off of your purchases, and to become a PC, you have to pay £25. This enrollment fee allows you to be a PC for one year. Christa also informed me that there is no minimum order requirement, no additional or hidden fees, and Arbonne won’t automatically ship you items (like a subscription) unless you sign up for that.

As a PC, if you place an order under £120 you have a £6.50 flat rate shipping fee. If your order total is over £120 then you get free shipping and you can get a free product (but only if you make this order within two months of making a previous order).

As a preferred client you also get access to ASVP which contain either the RE9 range, nutrition, or makeup. You can also place Arbonne autoship orders (each order needs to have a value of above £60 SRP or you still have to pay £6.50 shipping). You also unlock something called Purchase with Purchase (PwP). Personally the PwP thing sounds odd, like you have to pay £25 to become a PC then spend over a certain amount on certain products to have the opportunity to buy certain products? So you pay money to spend money on certain things to then be able to spend money on other things? I personally don’t really see that as a benefit, but that’s just my opinion.

So, bringing it back to the products mentioned in this review. Let’s just say hypothetically you do become a preferred client for £25. You can then access a ASVP that contains ‘4 RE9 Advanced skncare must haves’. The leaflet I have doesn’t actually say which ones but from the image I believe that it contains the cleanser, the toner, the serum, and the night cream. This ‘value pack’ also contains ‘Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution’. You also get to choose ‘your ideal’ RE9 Advanced day cream and eye cream. This set costs £239.10. Since it’s over the the £120 threshold you would get free shipping and a free gift of choice.

I want to just quickly breakdown whether this is actually a deal by going into the costs of each of the products in this set with you as a PC:

  • Cost to become a PC – £25
  • RE9 Cleanser – £28.80
  • RE9 Toner – £25.60
  • RE9 Serum – £41.60
  • RE9 Night Cream – £60.00
  • RE9 Eye Cream – £39.20
  • RE9 Day Cream – £44.00
  • Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution – £76.80

Total: £341

As you can see, this does work out at a saving of £101.90. This doesn’t include whatever the price of the free gift would be (because it’s free and shouldn’t be taken into account). However, I do think the fact this pack is the only one with the RE9 Advanced skincare, yet also includes some of another Arbonne range, to be a bit random. If I were looking to get the full RE9 set, I’d prefer to pay less and get a ‘value pack’ that doesn’t contain the resurfacing pads and solution.

Another thing you get as a PC is access to ‘Flash Buy’ opportunities. I was sent an example of this by Christa. The one I was sent was a 48 hour deal to place ‘a single order of £300 SRP value or more on Friday 30th March OR Saturday 31st March, and receive’: ‘RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum’, ‘Arbonne PhytoSport Complete Hydration’, ‘Makeup Primer’, ‘Smoothed Over Lipstick – Surprise Shade’, and ‘Arbonne Water Bottle’.

I know all of this pricing is pretty confusing, trust me it confuses me too. As far as I can see, the main benefit of being an Arbonne PC is that you get 20% off of all purchases. So if you purchase frequently, it may be worth doing. Additionally, if you’re placing orders over £120, then you’ll get free shipping, and free items (as long as you qualify). However, it does seem a little to me like the money you save is just being spent on other Arbonne things, like flash buys asking you to purchase items worth £300 to get free items, or unlocking the opportunity to purchase more items with your purchase. Again, this is just my personal opinion.

My Experience

These items each direct to use both morning and night. Usually I only do cleanser/toner in the evenings and just stick to moisturisers in the morning. However, I wanted to follow the directions on this skincare set.

I will be giving my first impressions of the skincare, then a day by day breakdown of how the products performed and how my skin was looking/feeling. However, before we get into that, I think it’s important to go over how much product you get in the full-size versions of each item.

  • RE9 Advanced ‘Smoothing Facial Cleanser’ 3 fl. oz./ 90 ml – £36.00 (SRP)/£28.80 (PC)
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Regenerating Toner’ 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 ml – £32.00 (SRP)/£25.60 (PC)
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Intensive Renewal Serum’ 1 fl. oz./ 30 ml – £52.00 (SRP)/£41.60 (PC)
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Corrective Eye Cream’ 0.5 oz./ 15 g – £49.00 (SRP)/£39.20 (PC)
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Night Repair Cream’ 1.7 oz./ 50 g – £75.00 (SRP)/£60.00 (PC)
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Restorative Day Cream SPF 20’ 1.7 oz./ 50 g – £55.00 (SRP)/£44.00 (PC)
  • RE9 Advanced ‘Extra Moisture Restorative Day Cream SPF 20’  – £55.00 (SRP)/£44.00 (PC)

As a comparison, my current toner (which is also a botanical product) contains 250ml and costs £5.49.

Obviously the product that I use isn’t considered as a high end product but even comparing more high end brands to Arbonne, it seems more expensive for the amount you receive. For example, Lancome night creams are the same size, 50g, but a similar (moisturising one) costs £43.00 from Lancome. That’s £32.00 cheaper than the SRP of the Arbonne night cream, and £17.00 cheaper than the PC cost.

Honestly I think Lancome products are expensive (they also aren’t cruelty free so I don’t use them), so the fact Arbonne is even more costly seems wild to me. I don’t think the average consumer (I could be wrong, this is just my opinion) is shelling out £43.00 for Lancome creams, let alone £75.00 for Arbonne ones.

First Impressions

I applied everything in the order and way that it was described. All the products have a kind of fresh citrus lemon scent, which is really nice. I applied the cleanser onto damp skin, applied a small amount in circular motions, before rising it off with warm water. After doing this my skin felt pretty dry. I then went in with a small amount of toner on a cotton pad. I followed that with the serum. I then applied the eye cream. I was told to apply this on my cheek bones and above or below my brow. I applied it as told and found that it initially stung a bit. I then applied the night cream. It states to apply a generous amount of the night cream but my skin was so dry that it absorbed everything immediately and made it difficult to get an even application, so I added a bit more. After applying all of this my skin still felt pretty dry and it was kind of itchy.

Day 1

This was the day after I’d applied what we detailed above. I repeated the steps in the skincare routine, but went in with the ‘Extra Moisture Restorative Day Cream SPF 20’ instead of the night cream. I had a few blemishes and a patch of dry skin on my right temple. My face was looking kind of shiny and oily, which is unheard of for me since I have extremely dry skin. I did add some powder to take down this oil. I then did the skincare routine again in the evening.

Day 2

Once again I did the skincare routine in the morning. I still had some blemishes and I also had quite a few small bumps over both of my cheeks. Also I noticed that the eye cream really wasn’t working for me. I was previously using the EyeWake eye gel, but after switching to this one I noticed that my under eyes were dark and puffy. Again I did the routine before going to bed.

Day 3

After getting up I did the skincare routine but I swapped out the eye cream for my EyeWake eye gel, I just couldn’t help it, my under eyes looked genuinely horrendous. I had a fair few blemishes on my chin and a red patch on my right cheek near my eye. Day 3 (marking the 6th time I’d done the routine) was the day when my toner ran out.

Honestly the whole skincare routine is painful for me, it really stings my face (particularly the night cream), it feels like pins and needles all over my face. I did contact Christa about this and she said it was likely that the products were too strong for my skin. I do think this is a little odd given that I don’t have sensitive skin, and haven’t reacted to a product before. Plus I’ve used the Nip + Fab glycolic acid mask on more than one occasion and, whilst it makes my skin red, it doesn’t have any lasting effects on my skin.

Day 4

Since I ran out of toner, I decided not to use any of the Arbonne products. Honestly I was relieved to go back to my regular skincare routine. My skin was looking amazing and after switching to the Arbonne-only routine I felt like I was starting again. Still had a bunch of blemishes and a lot of little bumps all over my cheeks. Around my mouth was also really dry. I used my regular products but for some reason they really stung when I applied them, even though they’ve never done that before.

Day 5

I woke up with really dry skin around the left side of my mouth up to my cheek again, there was this one patch around my mouth that looked really bad, a bit like a rash. I honestly felt like I was starting again with my skincare. My under eyes were dark and puffy, my skin was dry and painful, and I have fine lines on my forehead again. My skin still stings when I use my normal products, even products that are described as for sensitive skin. Honestly my skin was so, so, dry that my face feels really tight whenever I move it and even though I’m using a bunch of moisturiser, it doesn’t seem to be getting much better.

Day 5 was a few days ago and my skin has been improving, my under eyes are less dark since switching back to the EyeWake gel, but my whole face is still really dry and uncomfortable. I still have dry patches to the left of my mouth and on my left cheek, as well as between my brows.

Overall Thoughts

I don’t know whether I just reacted badly to the products, or if this is just generally how they perform, but honestly it’s not been good for my skin at all and I’ve gone backwards with my skincare after trying this out. It may be the case that I needed to use the products for longer for my skin to get used to it, but obviously I didn’t have the opportunity to because of the sample sizes running out. However, since this is my only experience with the products, and I can’t be sure whether they would just continue to perform in the way that they did. Therefore, I need to base my review and thoughts on my experience, which unfortunately in this case wasn’t a good one. I would not recommend this set based on how it reacted with my skin. It may be the case that you have had, or would have, a better experience with the skincare, since we all have different skin that reacts differently to product.

Once again, as I said in my mascara review, the price of these products is ridiculous to me. This is another reason why I wouldn’t recommend the products. There are a lot of amazing products out there that are a fraction of this price. Of course there’s the argument that Arbonne push about the products being natural and extremely high quality, but whether or not you believe these claims, and the justification for the price, if your call.

So, this finally brings us to the end of this review on the Arbonne ‘RE9 Skincare’ set. I do hope that you enjoyed reading, despite it’s length! If you did then please give this post a quick like. Also make sure to follow my blog so you know when I’m posting!


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