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I hope that you’re having a great Wednesday and are looking forward to what the rest of the week brings. This isn’t technically one of my two posts this week, I just thought I’d write a quick little post to let you know about my new blog header – I’m extremely excited about it!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while (I know that some of you have), you’ve seen my blog change over the last few months. I recently got my own domain, which was exciting but also scary. Since I got that domain, I thought I’d use a different theme on my blog and customize it more so it looked how I wanted it to – hello coding.

I had my previous theme for a while but honestly I wasn’t totally happy with it, there was something that was a bit off about it and it was annoying me. However, after how much time and effort I put into coding, I didn’t really want to change it. When I received my header, it wasn’t working with my current theme so I decided it was time for another change.

Recently I’ve been on Twitter a lot, reaching out to brands and connecting with other bloggers. A couple of days ago, I liked someone’s tweet who was doing a competition to give away a free blog header – and I won. I’m extremely thankful for this, I’ve been looking at people’s blog headers for a while now and have been really considering getting my own.

I received a Twitter DM from the lovely Shania MUA who provides both readymade and custom headers. Being me, I was completely unsure whether I wanted a readymade, or custom, header, and had absolutely no idea what I wanted it to look like. She linked me to her most recent custom headers post (you can see that here) for some inspiration. I mentioned which one I liked and asked for additions to the header.

My request

I asked for a combination of the following:

The first image is the third custom header from her post, and is called ‘the beauty blogger header’, the second image is the sixth readymade header and is called ‘glossy’ (this is the one that Shania uses herself).

I asked for the second header (the ‘glossy’ one) but with more paint splatters across it like in the first ‘beauty blogger’ one. I also asked for a lipstick illustration to be below the text in the centre.

Draft Designs

The above pictures show the 4 different drafts that came before the final design that I am now using on my blog.

Draft 1 – Whilst I absolutely loved it, I asked for the ‘B’ of ‘Bendy’ and ‘Beauty’ to be lowercase. I also asked for the word ‘and’ to be added, instead of the lipstick tube in the tagline.

Draft 2 – The lipstick was removed and the word ‘and’ was added in its place.

Draft 3 – I did indicate that I still wanted the lipstick (because I’m obsessed with lipstick), so Shania created a draft with it in a different place so I could see how it looked. However, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the placement of it in this draft. I really wanted it in the middle but there wasn’t really space. Therefore, I resolved to the fact that I couldn’t have the lipstick (probably for the first time in my life)

Draft 4 – This draft was to show what the ‘b’ looked like lower case. The angling of the ‘b’s was also changed so they were slanting backwards. I indicated that I wanted them slanting the other way (so the tops of the letters were slanting towards the end of the word). This was done, and it brings us to the final design.

Final Design

Multibendybeauty final.png

As you can see from my blog header, this is the final design!

I’m honestly in love with it, I think it’s fantastic and I can’t stop staring at it. Anything to do with my blog succeeding makes me want to cry, and this was no exception. I feel like this makes me look more legit and it makes me feel special – like I’m an actual blogger.

Shania was the nicest person and did exactly what I asked, despite all my odd requests and terrible explanations of what I wanted. I would highly, highly recommend checking her out whether you’re looking for a blog header, or not. She also writes beauty, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, and food posts on her blog.

Her headers are extremely affordable, and if you want a custom one then she’s so accommodating and kind, plus this was a very quick process! She first messaged me two days ago, and it was created, and all the revisions done, today.

Be sure to follow her on Twitter and check out her blog for more of her works.

If you are interested in getting a header made then I can’t recommend her enough, readymade headers from her are only £2, and custom ones come in at only £6. £2 is cheaper than a coffee, and her headers are fantastic.

This brings us to the end of this post, I hope that you enjoyed reading. My blog theme shouldn’t be changing again any time soon so please comment below what you think of it, and what you think of my brand new header! As I said at the beginning, this isn’t one of this week’s two posts so keep an eye out tomorrow for a new post.


Charlotte (Multibendystraw)

UPDATE: Since this post I’ve made my own logo which you can see above.

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  1. katedaysaweek says:

    It’s really nice. Amazing how much time a blogger can spend on the smallest details huh ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Ah glad you like it! I’m very picky with things that most people wouldn’t take much notice of (like coding things on my blog to be certain colours). I’m glad that Shania was so accommodating and nice about all my requests! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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