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Today I’m bringing another different post, as I said I would start doing. Don’t worry, if you’re solely here for beauty reviews, there will still be a lot of them – I’d just like to switch it up and do some different posts here and there as well.

I’ve always been interested in is things like tarot, divination, and astrology. Therefore, when I saw someone on Twitter offering tarot readings I absolutely had to give it a try. This is my first Tarot reading, and I was excited to see what cards would be pulled (but also nervous that they would all be bad cards)

I was contacted by a lovely individual called Rikki, a US-based tarot reader, and owner of the website She offered me a $45, 30 minute, reading for free (this is only one of the services she offers, I’ll explain more about the options later in the post). She asked what direction I was looking for, whether this was career, relationships, or if I just wanted her to pull cards and see what the deck would like to say. I explained that I would like to know about my career, but am happy for the deck to speak. For context, in terms of career I was thinking of my blog.

The reading provided 3 different stages: where I am now, where I want to be, and what I need to focus on to get there. Rikki explained that the way she reads cards is to provide guidance and clarity in areas of life.

Rikki’s Services

All the following prices and descriptions have were taken from Rikki’s previous website.

First time Client – 30 minutes | $15.00

‘If you have never had a reading with me, or in general, enjoy a 30 minute session with me for only $15. This is to help gain a better understanding on how I do readings, as well for someone new to understand how they work as well.’

Dream Interpretation – 30 minutes | $30.00

‘Dig deeper into your subconscious using this dream interpretation reading. Getting a better understanding of the messages you should be receiving.’

Past Life Reading – 45 minutes | $45.00

‘Dig into your past life, what experiences did you have then that are effecting your life now? What lessons are you still needed to learn in this life?’

30 Minute Reading – 30 minutes | $45.00

‘This 30 minute reading goes into the details of any topic that you like, focusing on any questions you may have. Readings are available through phone, video, or emial. For email, this is roughly 3-9 cards.’

60 Minute Reading – 1 hour | $85.00

‘This 60 minute reading goes into the details of any topic that you like, focusing on any questions you may have. Readings are available through phone, video, or emial. For email, this is roughly 10-15 cards’

The prices have now changed, you can view the different packages on offer here.

My 30 Minute Reading


Current Situation

Rikki’s reading:

‘The first area looks at where you are now, I pulled the three of Pentacles with the seven of Cups. The seven of Cups reveals your fantasy’s, where this direction you are going in now might be your total dream job and you are working to obtain it, and now, you are looking to collaborate with more people to expand your opportunities in this field and to bring more stability to this project. Even though you are passionate about this project, right now you are testing the waters and sorting out what could be your dream, versus the reality of the outcome and feeling conflicted. With cups and Pentacles in this area for you, it will be about keeping your emotions grounded and knowing that if things don’t work out how you pictured them, that sometimes these things take time and work to get at.’

My thoughts:

When I was going into this reading, I was thinking of my blog in terms of my career. Out of the whole reading I can say this part was the most accurate.

I am looking to collaborate with more people and expand my opportunities to bring stability. I’ve been on Twitter checking certain hashtags multiple times a day, talking to bloggers and brands, about opportunities and collaborations. I’m constantly on Instagram, liking and commenting on people’s posts trying to build relationships. I always think about my blog and my Instagram (I neglect Twitter a little… Whoops) and where I can take it, what I can do next, and how I can get to where I want. So this is 100% the absolute truth.

Additionally, I’m definitely testing the waters and I am conflicted. I really, really, would love to be a blogger (full-time), but currently I don’t have a job and it’s making my life really difficult. Blogging isn’t particularly cheap if you’re constantly reviewing products (especially when you’re trying to keep up with new releases). Social media and blogging takes up a lot of my time, which makes me concerned that if I did get a part-time job, that I wouldn’t have enough time to keep growing. However, I need money to live.

I think this reading was extremely accurate for my current situation (almost eerily accurate).

Where I want to be

Rikki’s reading:

‘For where you want to be, I pulled the High Priestess with the Hanged Man, in your heart you know what direction you want to go in, but you might be having a hard time making the commitments it will bring. There may be total uncertainty in this field and taking the commitment sounds scary. Your intuition may be telling you where you can find the common ground that will help support you in this are, you just have to stop ignoring it. If this is something that you are truly looking to do for your career what is stopping you from making the jump? If at the end of your observation of all the pros and cons you still hear that voice that says you want to do it, then you should commit and start coming up with your game plan.’

My thoughts:

I think again this is quite accurate. I’m not fully committed to my blog/social media because of the concerns about money that I previously mentioned. I think my issue is that I can’t fully commit at this moment. The game plan is definitely more long-term, I can’t grow my blog or social media overnight and unfortunately most brands tend to look at your numbers, rather than content (although I am seeing some changes in this).

What to focus on

Rikki’s reading:

‘As far as what areas you should focus on, I pulled the four of Pentacles with the Tower, both reversed. Going after your dream career will bring its uncertainties and challenges, money may be tight at first as you get started, but this is something that you can build if you go after it. I love seeing the Tower in your reading because although it means total destruction, in reverse it gives the sense that the ashes can be used to build something again. Even though it’s good that we go after the dreams that we have, we also can’t neglect everything else, it would be a good time to prioritize, it’s so easy to get caught up in everything that we are doing and ignore finances, bills, homework, etc. find a balance with everything that will work for you. This brings me back to the seven of Cups, although this is your passion, you can’t have your heads totally in the clouds and that’s where writing out a plan will help you keep on track. (a vision board would even be good)’

My thoughts:

‘money may be tight at first’ is absolutely the truth, this is how I’m feeling currently and I’m hoping that it will improve, as the tarot is predicting.

When I saw that the Tower means ‘total destruction’ it made me laugh, since that pretty much sums me up. Generally, if anything can go wrong then it will for me. However, it’s very interesting that it was pulled in reverse. I’d definitely like to think that, whilst everything seemingly goes wrong at the moment, that it won’t always be like that and I’ll pull something out of it.

I definitely agree with prioritising and remaining grounded, and I like to think that I’m relatively good at that. I make a lot of lists so I know exactly what I need to do and when, which means things don’t get forgotten. I’m a planner and I always like to know what I’m doing and what I’m aiming for (I made goals for 2018). Therefore, I don’t think that I will have my head up in the clouds. I do, however, need to work on finding a balance. I think because blogging isn’t exactly a job for me, it means that I do it pretty much constantly, I’ll be checking my emails at 11pm and messaging people before I get a coffee in the morning, as well as when I’m out, or spending time with people. Whilst I want to push myself and grow as much as I can, I definitely do need to find that balance where I’m not obsessing with numbers and growth, and forgetting real life.


Rikki’s final comments:

‘Looking at the whole reading, the direction you want to go in for your career could be totally life changing and be different than what you are used to, this is where finding priorities, budgeting, and planning will really need to be set in place. Remember to keep your head level and to not be too greedy when you are collaborating with others, listen to your intuition though and don’t cut yourself short. If you’re scared to make the jump, know that it will be challenging at first, but not forever. Good luck in your new adventures!’

My Final Thoughts

This was a very interesting experience, and I’m thankful to Rikki for giving me this opportunity. Her reading was extremely accurate and helpful to me, I think it’s definitely given me some guidance and shown me that hopefully in the future, things will work out how I want them to (building up from the ashes of the Tower).

I’d highly recommend getting a reading from her if you’re interested. You don’t need to be based in the US, she offers phone, video, and email readings so they can be done wherever you are. She completed the reading and got back to me quickly and I found the whole experience to be wonderful. Rikki is very polite and understanding of my needs (and my lack of knowledge about tarot), she’s also very quick at replying to emails. The reading was sent via PDF over email with a picture of the cards and all the information about the meanings behind the cards pulled. I found that it was very detailed and I think the reading, and whole experience, is worth the $45.00 that she charges.

Finally, be sure to check out Rikki’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and of course her website.

So this brings us to the end of this post! I know that I’ve never posted anything like this, but I really hope that you enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed having my tarot read. If you did enjoy then please give this post a quick like, and comment below if you’ve ever had your tarot read! My next post will be going up on Saturday as it’s my blog’s anniversary, but the post after that will be my usual beauty review. If you think that you’ll enjoy my future posts, then please be sure to follow my blog!


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