Revolution X Soph ‘Extra Spice’ Eyeshadow Palette Review

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I hope you’re having the best week wherever you are and whatever you’ve been doing. I’m now at Isle of Wight festival but, as promised, reviews will still be going up here and I’ll be posting on Instagram as and when I can.

As I said in my previous review of her lipsticks, this is the second collaboration between Revolution and Soph. I did review her previous collection with the brand, which included a 24 shade eyeshadow palette and a 8 pan highlighter palette. You can find the review for her first eyeshadow palette with Revolution here, and the review of the highlighter palette here.

For those of you who don’t know, ‘Soph’ is a YouTuber with a channel called ‘Sophdoesnails’, although she mostly discusses makeup products rather than nails. I’ve been subscribed to her for quite a while now and really enjoy her videos. As with her last collection, she posted an announcement video showing the products and explaining the choices behind the names. You can check out that video here, if you’d like to know more about Soph and the reasons for the shadow names.

This palette is super affordable, at just £10. However, bear in mind that this is an 18 shade palette, for £10, whilst the previous palette she launched was a 24 shade palette that was also priced at £10. I’m not 100% sure of why there are 6 less shades in this palette for the same price. I initially thought that it might be because these new ones say that they’re ‘ultra professional eyeshadows’, however I’ve just looked at the previous palette and it has the same description.

I ordered this at the launch time and, unlike my previous purchases from Revolution Beauty, this came extremely quickly (within a few days).

*All links to the Revolution Beauty website in this post are affiliate links. This means I will earn a small commission if you choose to click through and/or purchase through the links. This is no extra charge to you*


Can we take a moment of silence for this packaging. I honestly adore it, especially the box.

As with the lipsticks in this collection, the main colours of the packaging is rose gold and a beige nude. The outer box is more of a muted rose gold, and more of a satin finish compared to the actual palette. The palette itself has a super reflective gold lid with the same beige nude component as the first one that holds the shadow pans. This means if you look at it from the side, one half is rose gold and shiny, and the other is a matte beige.

When I first saw this in the reveal video I wasn’t completely sold. Whilst I love anything shiny, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the back half being matte and such a contrasting colour. However, after having it for a while, it’s really growing on me. It also makes it easy to tell the two palettes apart but keep them looking similar at the same time.

Unlike the first palette, the shade names are actually printed onto the packaging for this palette. The first one had the shade names printed on the protective plastic sheet that comes inside. This meant if you lost the sheet then you’d have no idea what the shadow names were, so I’m glad that the decision was made to print the names below the pans.


Revolution X Soph Extra Spice palette swatches

I’ve kept the picture of the swatches pretty big to the right here so you can read all of the names better.

I’d say in terms of swatches they were okay, but definitely not the best shadow palette that I’ve swatched.

To the touch, these feel much softer and creamier than the first palette. Some of the shades in the original felt slightly on the dry side, but none of these felt the slightest big dry. That being said, I think some of them actually swatch worse. Furthermore, I didn’t find that the colours in the pan were true to the colour when swatched. For example the shade ‘Twenty One’ looks almost red in the pan, but when swatched (and applied to the eye), it comes off as a super bright hot pink.

I also did find some of the shadows were patchy and I feel that you can see that in the swatches. Particularly patchy shades were the darker ones, and the green-toned ones, for example ‘Lakes’, ‘Brownies’ and ‘Aurora’. For some reason ‘Aurora’ when swatched doesn’t look at all like a shimmer and the payoff for that shade is pretty poor compared to the other shimmery shades in the palette.

Overall, I think the palette swatches okay but not as well as the first palette (or as well as other Revolution palettes I’ve tried), and most of the shades swatch quite patchy.

However, arm swatches don’t show how the product performs on the eye, or how well the shades blend.

Eye Looks

Look 1

This first look I created when I first got the palette. The shade that was really jumping out at me was ‘Twenty One’ (the vibrant pink). I knew I wanted to use that and I really wanted to do a cut crease.

I decided to go straight in with ‘Twenty One’ instead of adding a transition shade, and built that shade up to the colour you can see in the pictures. The pictures don’t really show how vibrant this shade is in real life! To get to this point it did take a lot of building, I do wish it hadn’t taken so long. I then added ‘Mulled Wine’ and ‘Enchanted’ to the outer corner. I cut the crease using the Revolution ‘Conceal and Define’ concealer (I have a review for that product here), and added ‘LA Sun’ over it.

Whilst I am happy with how this eye look turned out, I did have some issues. As I’ve already mentioned, it took a lot of building to get the colours to this level of pigmentation. Additionally, I was quite disappointed with the performance of ‘LA Sun’. It isn’t as shiny as I expected it to be, and didn’t lay well over the concealer (which is odd considering it’s made by the same brand). To get it to look like this I had to absolutely pack the shade on, using different types of brush, and my finger. It was really frustrating.

The shadows do blend out well and easily, and I found it easy to blend the mattes into the shimmery ‘LA Sun’ colour.

Look 2

This eye look I was much less fond of. I first tried to use more of the green shades, using ‘Lakes’ in my crease, but I hated the way it looked to ended up taking it off and moving to more of the warm shades instead.

I really wanted to use the ‘Romance’ shade because I thought that looked super beautiful in the pan. I also wanted it to be more of an orange-toned look.

I started with ‘Vitamin C’ as a transition shade, then added ‘Running Late’ through my crease and on my outer corner. I then added ‘Sweet n Sour’ slightly lover in my crease. I also tried adding ‘Mulled Wine’ and ‘Enchanted’ to the outer corner to give the purple shimmer something to blend into, but it doesn’t really show in the picture. Once again I cut my crease using the same concealer, then added ‘Romance’ over that. This shimmery shade was far easier to apply and build up, I found applying it with my finger was absolutely fine and I could also add it easily with a brush. However, I still found it sat a bit strangely over the concealer.

I had many more problems with this eye look than I did with the first one. I found the more shades I added, despite them being in the same colour family, the muddier it got. They didn’t seem to blend into each other that nicely and some (such as ‘Mulled Wine’ and ‘Enchanted’) wouldn’t layer over existing shadows. Each time I added the purple shades to the outside they would show up for a few seconds until I blended them and then they’d disappear (but they worked fine in the previous look).

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this look on its own, which is why I added gems in the final picture and made it more of a festival look.

Final Thoughts

I really like Soph, and I enjoy the packaging for this palette, but I’m not sure how I feel about the shadows. The mattes are easy to blend, but don’t layer well on top of each other and take a long time to build the pigmentation. Typically in palettes I like the shimmers the most, but in this palette, this isn’t the case. ‘Everyday’ and ‘Infinity’ perform extremely well, but the remaining shimmers are slightly underwhelming. For £10 I don’t think it’s bad, but I actually prefer her first palette, and there are other palettes by Revolution (such as the Revolution Pro ‘Trends Mischief Mattes’ ‘Regeneration Palette’ – review for that here), that perform much better than this one, for the same price.

If you like Soph, would like to support her, and think that you would get use out of the shades then I would recommend picking it up. As long as you don’t mind having to build the colours up, and don’t want to use too many in one eye look. However, if you’re a bit unsure about the shades, and want more pigmented shadows, then I would say to look elsewhere. Either the previous Revolution Pro palette that I mentioned, or if you’re happy to pay more, then a Juvia’s Place palette, would be my choices.

If you did want to pick up this palette, or read more about it, then you can do so on the Revolution Beauty website here.

Okay so this brings us to the end of this review on the Revolution x Soph ‘Extra Spice’ eyeshadow palette! I really hope that you enjoyed reading this post, and if you did then please leave me a quick like. Also, if you enjoy reading beauty product reviews, and lifestyle posts, then please follow my blog, I would really appreciate it!


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  1. ksloves says:

    Love your eye looks and review of these collabs!!!

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Sorry, I was away at Isle of Wight festival! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it ❤️


  2. alice_kbsld says:

    Thanks for the review. I had some palette from them and I had to give it to my mum – I had problems with applying it, I never liked how it looked like 😀

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Sorry, I was away at Isle of Wight festival! I think the palettes are quite hit and miss, some of the Revolution ones are fantastic but some are not so great ❤️

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  3. I agree there are palettes out there with more pigmentation but for a standard everyday type of palette that isnt your most prized possession it’s bloody good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Sorry, I was away at Isle of Wight festival! I definitely agree, I took this one to the festival instead of taking a more expensive one that I was worried about losing and it did make some pretty (but easy and simple) eye looks ❤️

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