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If you haven’t read my previous post (‘Bloggers Thoughts on Blogging and Commitments’ & Taking a Break’) then I highly recommend that you take a read! In it I explained that I will be taking a, sort of, break from blogging due to things happening in my personal life. However, I said that I’d still try to get out posts when I can. Although I’m pretty much exhausted, I’m trying to keep myself busy (despite the fact I should probably be resting) and writing is one way to do that.

I’ve been pretty active on Twitter, commenting on people’s posts asking for bloggers, and engaging with brands. Almost a month ago now I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a set of hand painted false nails from Serena, the owner of Etsy shop Serena Joanne Nails (or SJ Nails). With being at Isle of Wight, and now this, I haven’t had time to review them until now.

Without further ado, let’s get into this review of hand painted nails from SJ Nails.

Choices & Product Info

As I’ve already mentioned, Serena is the owner of an Etsy shop where she sells handmade, hand painted, nail sets. She has a few pre-made designs available, as well as the option for you to have a custom design made of your chosing. The nails come in 3 generic sizes: S, M, L. However, you can also request to have the design tailored so it fits your exact nail sizes. There is a size chart which shows the nail sizes included in each of the sets (the S, M, L), and how to measure your nails so you know which sizes you need.

The pre-made designs cost £8.00. However, if the set is available in a medium and you need a small or large then this may increase the price if she has to remake the set to a different size. Each set takes her between 30 minutes and three hours to paint so bear this in mind!

If you’d like a custom design then she charges £11 for the standard S, M, or L sets with the design of your choice, or £14 if you specify exactly what sizes you want (that are outside of those sets). She also offers a custom design with 20 nails for £17.

The final product on offer is a false nail sample size kit, which is just £2 and allows you to sample all of the different sized nails so you know which ones fit you perfectly.

I chose one of her pre-existing sets that was watercolour and holographic stiletto nails, however I made a modification. You can check out the original set here, and the set I ended up with below. I opted to have the gems removed from the pink watercolour nails because I always find that I get them caught on things. Additionally, the set came in a size medium, but after reading the sizing chart and measuring my nails, I worked out that I’d probably need a large.



As you can see, the nails come in a small brown box with the Etsy name on it. The nails are adhered in the box using strips of clear tape. It also comes with a white card that has the brand logo, Etsy shop website, and Instagram on.

Overall, I really love the way that these are packaged, I think it looks really cute! I love that you can see the nails arranged when you open the box and I think her logo is lovely. I enjoy that the packaging minimalist. Another thing I love is that the packaging is cardboard. I think it has a really friendly feel, and most importantly – it can be recycled!


As you may know, I was volunteering at Isle of Wight festival with a food stall for a week. These nails actually arrived before I left, but I didn’t put them on until after I returned because I didn’t want to wreck them (and there’s no way I could serve food with these on).

The nails come with little sticky tabs to apply them on your nails with, but it advises to use nail glue if you want them to last longer. I opted to use nail glue as I wanted them to last as long as possible.

These false nails fit practically perfectly on my nails and applying them was extremely easy. I only used a cheap nail glue (I believe it was from Primark), but I saw a huge difference with using it on these nails vs the cheap Primark nails. The nails that I’ve used before I’ve found start peeling up on the edges quite soon after I apply them (within a few days) and they don’t fit my nails properly. However, I’ve had these on for almost a week already and they fit perfectly on my fingers and are still very firmly on. I honestly think these are going to last quite a while. Additionally, she says that if you use the sticky tabs then you can use the nails more than once. Therefore, if I can get these off without ruining the nails then I may be able to get more than one use out of them.

One thing that took me aback with these nails is how high quality they are. They’re extremely sturdy, and I honestly can’t believe that this design is hand painted – I wouldn’t have a clue how to do it myself.

I think the colour scheme on this nail set is gorgeous and I adore how they look. I keep getting compliments on them and I really love them. Additionally, I haven’t had any of the usual issues that I have with fake nails (such as getting dressed), and I believe this is because of the quality of the nails. They do just feel like extensions on my regular nails and are super comfortable to wear.

Overall, I’d highly recommend these nails. If you like fake nails, then I’d recommend checking out Serena’s Etsy shop. She only has a few pre-made designs but you can send reference photos to have your own custom nail set made – which is fantastic! I think the price point of £8 for a pre-made set is amazing and definitely worth it for the product that you receive. Additionally, I think that the price for custom nails is incredible given that you can get whatever design that you want (and can specify what nail style you want).

You can check out Serena’s Etsy shop here. Also please follow her on Instagram. Not only is she fantastic, but she hosts a lot of giveaways for her nails.

Okay we have now reached the end of this review. I hope that you enjoyed reading my thoughts on these hand painted false nails from SJ Nails. If you did enjoy this review then, as always, please give this post a quick like! Also if you enjoy reading beauty reviews and the occasional lifestyle post related to beauty, then please follow my blog.


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  1. Rebecca Allatt says:

    These look amazing, these must take ages to paint ❤️

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      I know right! I would have absolutely no hope trying to do these, they’re so amazing ?❤️

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