The Cruelty Free Beauty Box August 2018 Review

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I did originally plan to sneaking the review of August’s box into the very last day of the month. However, surprise! I failed. Hello, it’s now September aka basically the best time of the year: Halloween.

Anyway, I’m getting side tracked by the thought of big jumpers, spooky films, and Christmas; today’s post will be on what I got inside my August The Cruelty Free Beauty box.

As I always do, I will give a quick little rundown about what The Cruelty Free Beauty Box is and the plan options in case you haven’t read one of my reviews before, I’ll also explain what I chose for my profile when I first signed up. If you aren’t new to my blog/these reviews then feel free to skip this part to the bit where I start explaining what I received in this month’s box.

What is ‘The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’?

You can choose between either ‘The Beauty Box’, or ‘The Makeup Box’, each contains 5 full-sized, travel, and sample-sized products. The Beauty Box is £14.95 per month, and the makeup one is £19.95 per month. Items from each box can cross over, so you can receive makeup items in the beauty box. They send out each box around the 10th of each month.

I chose the Beauty Box as I wanted a more diverse box that didn’t just contain makeup (and it was cheaper).

When you choose your plan, you create a profile of sorts. It will ask: your skin tone, makeup style, nail preference, skin type, hair length, hair type, hair colour, if you sunbathe, and if you fake tan. You also have the opportunity to provide your birthday.

If anyone is interested, I chose: Fair, dark and sultry, dark, dry, short, straight, brown, I don’t sunbathe, I fake tan.

What I Received 

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box August 2018

The photo above shows what I received in August’s box. From left to right, top to bottom, I got:

  • Tropika ‘Skin Coconut Moisturiser with Tea Tree Oil’ – Roughly £4.00 for 30ml or £13.99 for full-sized 100ml
  • Exfoliate My Skin ‘Natural Face Mask’ – £19.99
  • Zerreau ‘Towel Off Body Wash’ – £3.95
  • Posh Brats ‘Mini Bath Bomb’ – £1.50
  • Bellápierre Cosmetics ‘Banana Setting Powder’ – £25.00

So, based on these prices taken from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website, August’s box retails for an approximate £54.44.

Tropika ‘Skin Coconut Moisturiser with Tea Tree Oil’ – Roughly £4.00

Tropika Skin Coconut Moisturiser with Tea Tree Oil

I really like the packaging of these samples, therefore they did draw my eye when I opened the box. Usually samples can be in quite boring packaging, or half-full plastic tubes. Therefore, seeing these little tins (full to the brim) was a refreshing change.

This product’s description on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website is:

‘A rich and soothing body cream, Tropika Skin Coconut Moisturiser is an ultimate dry skin saviour. Deeply moisturising and hydrating, it quenches the thirstiest of skin by locking in moisture to naturally replenish dry patches and calm irritation without the skin feeling oily.

  • Targeted relief for dry and irritated skin
  • Virgin coconut oil, packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, deeply nourishes, moisturises and helps repair skin
  • Natural healer tea tree oil with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties helps reduce itchiness and dryness
  • No parabens, SLS, mineral oil, phthalates, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrance
  • Vegan Certified’

As explained on the little card that comes with the box, there are two of these as they stated that you can’t really know if a moisturiser works based on 15ml.

I do like this moisturiser and I find the little tins extremely useful. It moisturises well and smells pretty darn good. The small tins mean that they’re good to take on the go and use when needed, and I appreciate that they provided two tins instead of one. The cream is pretty lightweight and absorbs quickly, which means you don’t get any oily residue left over, which is good. I would definitely recommend this moisturiser and I do think that the price of the full-sized one is fair.

If you think that you might like this product then you can purchase the full-sized version from the beauty box’s website for £13.99 here.

Exfoliate My Skin ‘Natural Face Mask’ – £19.99

Now when I saw the packaging for this product, I really liked the look of it. I enjoy that the packaging is minimalist and it’s clear what the product is. However, full disclosure, this is where my positivity towards the product ends so buckle up for my thoughts on this one.

On The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website, this product’s description is as follows:

  • ‘Gently exfoliates, cleanses and purifies any skin type.
  • Can help with spots, acne and oily skins.
  • Achieve a glowing and softer skin even after the first wash.
  • Natural ingredients
  • Pink Clay – minimise blackheads, leaves skin glowing, silky soft and smooth.
  • Rosehip Powder – rich in vitamins and antioxidants with anti-ageing properties.
  • Oatmeal – known for its antioxidant benefits, is great at removing excess oil and dirt.
  • Cucumber Powder –  can help to soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling.’

Firstly, I don’t like masks that you have to mix yourself, for some reason I’m terrible at it and I always mess up the ratios even if I follow them exactly. I’m also lazy and I don’t want to be trying to do some messy mixing in my bathroom before I can even apply the mask.

Before I got to try this product I had to eat a yogurt so I would have something to mix the product in (I know, what a difficult task). There’s nothing on the actual packaging telling you how to use it, which is annoying. So, sat on the toilet with the mask balancing on one leg, and a yogurt pot and mask applicator on the other, I had to jump onto the beauty box’s website to work out what ratios to mix it.

After working out how much to mix and thinking ‘hmm that seems like a lot for one person’s face’, I set to work adding 2 tablespoons (yes, TABLESPOONS) of powder to the pot, and adding 2-3 tablespoons of water. I added 2 tablespoons of water and found the mask extremely watery, but also clumpy? It was very difficult to mix and very thin, so I ended up adding some more powder to make it closer to a paste than a liquid.

The pictures of me covered in what looks like crunchy peanut butter, is what I ended up with. As there are oats in the mixture, they don’t mix in properly so I basically just had a brown paste full of oats on my face. I know oats are good for your skin, but it just felt like I had food all over my face and I was very uncomfortable (you can probably tell my feelings based on my facial expression).

Since it felt like food on my face, trying to remove it was a horrible experience and really made me want to feel sick (an experience I’ve never had with a face mask). I ended up having to get in the shower because some of the oats wouldn’t come off and I somehow ended up with them in my hair and ears.

After all the drama my skin did feel pretty good. It recommends to put a moisturiser on after but I didn’t actually need one. My skin felt really soft and definitely exfoliated.

Whilst I do like the results of the face mask, is it worth the trauma? Absolutely not. I personally won’t be using this again as I can get very similar results with a lot of other masks that aren’t as much effort and don’t make me feel ill.

Despite my experience, we are all different and this mask may be something that you would enjoy. Therefore, if you would like to try it then you can on The Cruelty Free Beauty box website here.

Zerreau ‘Towel Off Body Wash’ – £3.95

Zerreau Towel Off Body Wash

I can’t say that I was very excited when I saw this in the box. We received a Zerreau product just like this, but for hair, in another box and it really didn’t work. However, I was still optimistic that this one might work better than the other did.

The description of this product on the box’s website is:

‘Zerreau Towel Off Body Foam 70ml, the best way to wash your gorgeous body without additional water or rinsing. Non drip with a delicate, yet traditional soap fragrance.

Also known as the new type of DRY Wash!

Simply apply and remove with a dry towel whilst still soapy!’

I thought this product would be perfect for my boyfriend who is in hospital at the moment. He has a picc line (a tube that goes from a vein in his arm into his chest) which is being used to deliver chemotherapy and take blood from. However, we haven’t got a cover for it yet, and you can’t get it wet, so showering is a serious task. Therefore, when I saw this I thought it would be cool to try since it doesn’t require any water.

We gave this a go and I’m sorry to say but it honestly was equally as disappointing as the hair one. It said that it wouldn’t leave any sticky residue, but it does unless you rub really hard to remove it (which no one who is feeling weak wants that). It also didn’t really refresh much, and he didn’t feel any cleaner. Overall, I probably wouldn’t recommend this product. I’m sure Zerreau do have some great products, it’s just unfortunate that the ones I get don’t seem to work for me.

If you think this is a product that you may enjoy, then you can check it out on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box’s website through the following link.

Post Brats ‘Mini Bath Bomb’ – £1.50

Posh Brats Mini Bath Bomb

As in the last post where we got a bath product, I was excited to see this cute little bath bomb sitting in the box.

I couldn’t find this specific bath bomb, but the description for other types from the same brand is as follows:

‘PB bombs fizz like mad but they are long-lasting and very gentle on even sensitive skin. These bombs will not dye you or your tub funny colours and they will not irritate sensitive areas. They don’t use anything but high quality ingredients and absolutely no cheap fillers. Safe for all ages but children should be at least 2yrs and up.’

This is exactly how the product came, Posh Brats don’t use unnecessary packaging therefore The Cruelty Free Beauty Box didn’t want to add any packaging to it, which I really like. I can’t stand it when products are covered in packaging that they absolutely don’t need.

I haven’t actually used this product yet, or the bath salts that were in last month’s box. We’ve pretty much constantly been at the hospital so it’s difficult to find time to have a bath, and by the time I get back to our accommodation at the end of the day it’s just a lot of effort. However, I will definitely use this product and I’m very excited to have a bath filled with all the goodies I have. I think the price of these is fantastic as well, and with Christmas coming up they’d make a great stocking filler!

If you would like to try any of the mini bath bombs from this brand then you can do so here.

Bellápierre Cosmetics ‘Banana Setting Powder’ – £25.00

Bellápierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder

Unlike the rest of the product, this was one that I pretty much skipped over as I knew that I wouldn’t use it.

This product is described on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box website with the following passage:

‘A lightweight powder to set your Make Up for the day or night ahead! Tap a small amount of powder into the lid. Using a soft, fluffy brush or sponge, pick up a small amount of powder & dust gently over the face.

It’s also ideal for setting eye makeup or even to use as a base eyeshadow. It also has a gentle yellow hue to it if you need to focus on certain areas of redness or discolouration!’

I don’t use foundation and for some reason when I put concealer under my eyes I end up giving myself bags, instead of covering up darkness. Therefore, I don’t have anything to set with this product. Additionally, I don’t think the colour would look great on my ghostly complexion.

I have had Bellápierre products before and I do like them but I think they’re a little on the expensive side. Even if I used setting powders I don’t think I personally would pay £25.00 for this little tub.

If you think this product is something that you would enjoy then you can pick one up on the beauty box’s website.

Overall, this month’s box hasn’t been my favourite, although there are some products that I liked. Sometimes the boxes aren’t to my taste but I also do like getting products that I don’t necessarily like as it does keep things interesting. Also whether or not I enjoy the products I appreciate The Cruelty Free Beauty Box as it exposes me to new brands that I wouldn’t usually know of, and the value of the box is always incredible. If you think this box sounds like it’s up your alley and you’re considering subscribing to this box, or just are interested in find out some more information, then you can check out their website here for their different plans.

Also, if you’d like to check out my previous reviews on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box, and boxes that I was receiving before going cruelty free, then you can do so here.

Okay this brings us to the end of this month’s box review, I hope that you enjoyed reading it and if you did then please give this review a like! Be sure that you follow my blog if you like reading beauty product reviews.


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  1. lizzygrace says:

    I’ve always wanted to try a cruelty free subscription box, this one looks like a pretty good option! Xx

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      I had a look around and they’re all quite similar but this seemed the best choice/price xx

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    Ive been wanting to try this box for ages- may have to give it a go!!!!
    Elle x

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Yes do it! I have a feeling they’re going to be good coming up to Christmas (they’re having a massive sale at the moment to clear stock on preparation for new stuff) xx


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