Night-time Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

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I hope you’re excited for this post, I haven’t actually ever shared my skincare routine. I’m not really sure why, I just wasn’t sure that anyone would be interested in it!

Every single product apart from one I’ve already reviewed on my blog, therefore there will be links to each of the product reviews, but I’ll touch briefly on why I like each product in this post. There are a few that change every now and again as products run out, but I’ll mention which ones change (and what they’ve changed from/to).

*This post contains affiliate links, this means that I would earn a small commission if you choose to click through and/or purchase through one of the links. Affiliate links are marked with a ‘**’ before the link. Clicking these links does not charge you anything*

Skincare routine for dry skin

As you know by the title, and if you know me/have been reading my blog for a while, I have dry skin. I find with this routine that my skin normally looks really glowy. I don’t tend to apply anything to my skin in the morning because of using this product combination at night. Sometimes I am a little drier so I will add some moisturiser to areas that need it if that happens, but on the whole that’s pretty rare.

Cleanser – Nip + Fab ‘Dragon’s Blood Fix Daily Cleansing Pads’

Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Cleansing Pads

I’m not even sure how many pots of these that I’ve gone through at this point, this has to be at least my 4th pot. I know all the rage with Nip + Fab cleansing pads is around their glycolic ones but honestly these are hugely underrated.

I take my makeup off with a makeup wipe before this routine, but don’t be fooled by the amount that comes off on a makeup wipe – there is still so much left on your skin. Using these pads not only removes all the dirt that’s left on my skin, but helps to hydrate my skin and reduces fine lines. These pads are an absolute staple in my skincare routine and I will not be replacing them any time soon, Nip + Fab skincare is fantastic! I tend to buy these whenever I see them on sale (which seems to be pretty often), but even when they aren’t on sale the regular retail price is still fair for the quality of the products.

If you’d like to purchase these Dragons Blood cleansing pads, or find out more information, then you can do so **via Superdrug, or on **the Boots website.

Furthermore, you can read my full review of this product here.

Price (as of 21/09/2018): £10.49 (on sale for £5.05 at Superdrug).

Toner – Botanics ‘All Bright Cleansing Toner’

Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner

This is another product that has been in my routine for quite a while now, I’m either on my second or third bottle of it and I’m really enjoying it. I haven’t tried any other Botanics products but I really want to, they also have some fantastic sales.

I bought this toner as a replacement for my Pixi ‘Glow Tonic’ when it ran out. As much as I loved the Pixi one, I couldn’t afford to replace it. This product is a cheaper alternative and I think it works just as well. Despite using the Nip + Fab pad before it, this product gets even more dirt off of my face. In my initial review I said I didn’t feel like it was helping with texture but the more I’ve used it the more I’ve noticed that it does help with this.

The toner really does add radiance and makes my skin feel super clean, this one does require a moisturiser after it as it isn’t designed to be largely hydrating, but it works wonderfully in my skincare routine and helps my skin look glowy.

If you’re interested in purchasing this product then you can grab it from Boots **through this link.

Also, if you’d like to read my whole review on this product then you can do so here.

Price (as of 21/09/2018): £5.49

Serum – Skinkissed ‘Vitamin C Serum’

Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum

This is a product that I’ll actually be swapping out. I have been using this since I received it and despite it doing good things for my skin, it’s already running out and I personally don’t really want to repurchase it. It does really work well for me but as I mentioned in an update, it does leave some strange yellow marks on the skin if you don’t fully rub it in. Also, Amazon reviews have stated that the bottle, and serum, has changed since the first batch (the one you can see in the picture above) and the serum doesn’t work as well now. This has kind of put me off of repurchasing it. The price on their website and on Amazon has also increased. In my original review it was £29.95 on the Skinkissed website, however it is now £39.95. I do have a 20% discount code, which if used on the £29.95 I would have maybe repurchased, but for £39.95 I wouldn’t.

I’m leaving this product in this skincare routine because it is currently part of my routine still, but I will be switching it out pretty soon for a combo of two serums which I will review soon.

You can read my full review of this product here, or if you’re interested in purchasing this product then you can do so through the Skinkissed website here (use code multibendystraw20 for 20% off your order).

Price (as of 21/09/2018): £39.95

Eye Serum – EyeWake ‘Collagen Gel’ Eye Serum

Eyewake Collagen Eye Gel

This is another product that I absolutely adore and won’t be changing any time soon. If you read my original review then you’ll know that this is different packaging than I had in the first review. That is because I purchased another one as soon as my last ran out. The packaging is different because EyeWake listened to all of the concerns about the previous packaging and made changes to better it.

I actually stopped using this for a little while to try out an Arbonne eye cream (review for that here – buckle up, it’s long) and my under eyes looked horrible. This product definitely works to reduce the darkness under my eyes and leaves my eyes feeling fresh and hydrated. I also use this on my forehead to help reduce fine lines (I’m expressive, what can I say). I definitely think this product is worth it and would recommend giving it a go if you’ve been thinking about it but were unsure.

If you would like to try this product then you can grab it from Amazon here, furthermore you can read my review on this product through the following link.

Price (as of 21/09/2018): £15.95

Face Cream – EyeWake Face Cream

EyeWake Face Cream

This next product, also from EyeWake, is a pretty new addition to my skincare routine. My previous night cream was running out so I thought that I would replace it with this one. This cream is super hydrating but lightweight, which is why I enjoy using it at night. Although I don’t mind using heavier creams before bed, when given the choice I’d prefer to go for something that absorbs quickly instead of sitting on my skin.

I love this cream for those reasons, it does leave my skin feeling super hydrated, without being too heavy. Sometimes I do use a bit of this in the morning too, which is also why I like it. If it were a traditional, thick, night cream, then I wouldn’t want to use it during the day as well but I don’t have that problem with this one.

If you’d like to read my full review of this then you can do so here. If this product sounds like something you’d enjoy then you can also pick it up from Amazon here.

Price (as of 21/09/2018): £17.95

Lip Balm – O’Keffee’s ‘Lip Repair Cooling Stick’

O'Keeffe's Cooling Relief Lip Repair

This is another absolute staple for me! My dry skin knows no bounds and extends to my lips too, therefore lip balm is a must.

A little while ago I used the EOS orange, as you may have seen in my winter dry skin favourites last year if you’re an OG follower. This worked pretty well but when it ran out I couldn’t find it again so decided on the vanilla mint one instead. I was using it for a while and my lips were getting worse and worse, they were really red and painful and cracked when I smiled – it was terrible. Eventually I thought that the issues caused may have been because of the lip balm. I googled and there are loads of people having this kind of reaction to EOS lip balms. So I looked for something that might be able to help, and came across this lip balm. Within just a few days my lips improved massively and since then this is the only lip balm I’ll use.

I always, without a doubt, put it on before bed. I also use it before liquid lipstick. It’s fantastic at all times of year and leaves my lips feeling amazing. They have two types of this lip balm, but I always go for the cooling one, which is slightly minty. I’ve had quite a few of these now and will continue purchasing them.

I actually don’t have a dedicated review for this product, but it is 1000% worth it in my opinion! If you’re having issues with dry lips then I would definitely give this a go.

If you would like to purchase this then you can do so **from Boots here.

Okay this bring us to the end of this post, I hope you enjoyed reading about my skincare routine, please let me know what you think of these products and if they’re part of your skincare routine (or if you’d like to add them in)! Make sure you give this post a quick like and follow my blog if you think it’s something you’d enjoy reading in the future – I’m a cruelty free beauty blogger and post the occasional lifestyle post!


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  1. I love the Dragon’s Blood pads too but nobody seems to talk about them! x

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Right?! I had a sample of the glycolic ones once which put Nip + Fab on my radar then I found the Dragon’s Blood once at TK Maxx last year and have never looked back. I can’t get enough of them! X


      1. I like the Glycolic ones too but I feel like these are probably even better! x

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  2. lornsloves says:

    Oh I will have to try that eyecream, I am desperately looking for a new one to help with my awful dark circles!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      I didn’t think my dark circles were that bad until I switched this eye serum for a little while x


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