Anatomicals Face Masks Review

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Today’s post is a new brand on my blog, but one I have been following for a while. Anatomicals have been on my radar for quite a long time now and I constantly see people on my feed with their products. However, for some reason, I always thought they were extremely expensive (spoiler: I was wrong).

I saw the brand post on their Instagram that they were looking for bloggers to review their products so you bet I jumped on that chance. You only need to quickly scroll through my blog to see how much I love face masks. Moisturising, exfoliating, anti-ageing, you name it, I’ve tried it in every form available.

Whilst sheet masks are my favourite, because I’m lazy, I’m not opposed to your regular application mask – especially since I bought a spatula to apply masks with.

Anatomicals face masks

I was sent the following four different masks by the brand, they each retail for £1.50:

  • ‘the hottie tottie is never spotty. anti-blemish face mask’
  • ‘no breakouts. it’s Alcatraz for spots. purifying charcoal face mask’
  • ‘the toning cucumber face mask lettuce give thanks for it’
  • ‘makes your skin brighter (if not you)’

*All links to the Boots and Superdrug websites in this post are affiliate links. This means I will earn a small commission if you choose to click through and/or purchase through the links. This is no extra charge to you*

Who are Anatomicals?

I’d describe Anatomicals as a pretty quirky brand (and maybe slightly on the controversial side). Their slogan is:

‘we only want you for your body’

Which, I’d consider a pretty controversial slogan in 2018. Of course, it’s because they’re a skincare brand!

The description on their about us page on their website says the following:

‘We are not alone. There are others walking amongst us/ Ohther washing and bathing brands. But none of them want you for your body in quite the same was as we want you for your body. Because we only want you for your body isn’t just our advertising strap line, it’s our whole reason for being. Every last molecule of your Earthly being is ours to pamper, cleanse and leave fragrant. Until your physical outer shell is no more and your soul is transported to a planet far away in the galaxy of gorgeousness. To be a reborn as a twinkly star barely visible from the roll top baths and outdoor beach showers you’ll eventually be hundreds of light years away from.’

So, as you can see, they’re pretty quirky and different. They also have a lot of alien imagery on their website which I think is pretty cool.

the hottie tottie is never spotty. anti-blemish face mask


Description taken from the back of the packaging:

‘thanks go this face mask, you’re not just hot (as the name implies), you’re gas mark 9, you’re core of the sun. in fact, you’re so hot, forget kid gloves, you need to be handled with asbestos gloves. oh my God, you’re that hot, you’ve just exploded.’

I really like the description for this mask, I think it’s amusing and unique. Usually masks don’t have this type of write up on the back.

This mask smells like some of my rich aunts, so before I even get into the review of this one fully, if you want to smell like you have money then here you go.

This one is white and kind of just looks like I’ve applied a really thick layer of moisturiser, I wouldn’t say that it’s what I typically would call a mask. It says to leave it for 5-10 minutes or until it’s dry but isn’t the type of texture that dries down. It also kind of stung on areas where I had blemishes.

It washed off easily (because it doesn’t dry) which was nice as I hate it when masks are super difficult to get off. It also doesn’t leave a residue which is a positive.

Despite it being a blemish mask, my skin feels really hydrated after removing the mask. It definitely did draw out some of my impurities but I haven’t seen a huge difference in the spots that I had, I wouldn’t say that this mask got rid of them. A few days after I still had the original ones and had a few new one (maybe due to the mask pulling some impurities out).

This mask wasn’t my favourite (although I liked how it smelt) and I don’t think I would use it again if I had blemishes.

However if you’d like to try this mask yourself then you can get it from Boots for £1.50 through this link.

no breakouts. it’s Alcatraz for spots. purifying charcoal face mask



‘if you’re a prisoner of your own self image, you need this face mask. thanks to the cleansing charcoal, they’ll be no more grease, gunk or breakouts. and don’t worry about the chance of your pimples getting parole. such a harmful menace will never blight skin or society again’

Again the description for this one is interesting and unique. Slightly controversial with the first line, but I kind of like that about the brand.

Since this is a charcoal mask, it is more mask-like in consistency compared to the first one and is a greyish green in colour. The only way I can describe how it smells is like the inside of Lush. That combination smell of every Lush product that smacks you in the face when you walk in is what this mask smells like (which is interesting considering there is no one singular Lush product that has that scent). It isn’t too strong though.

There is a lot of product in these packets so I applied far too much and it didn’t dry down at all. This made it again easy to remove.

Once all the product was off my skin felt soft and smooth, and again not dry. The issue I have with some masks designed for blemishes, is that they dry out my skin. Considering I have dry skin, this isn’t something that I want. So I’m glad that these Anatomicals masks don’t do that, even despite this one containing charcoal.

I’d say that this one did improve the look of my blemishes more than the last one did, and since the purpose of these is similar, I’d recommend this one over the first one.

If you think this mask would be the one for you then you can purchase it for £1.50 from Harvey Nichols here (for some reason Boots don’t seem to stock this one).

the toning cucumber face mask lettuce give thanks for it



‘cucumber isn’t only found in dainty sandwiches eaten by equally dainty supermodels for whom a lettuce leaf consists a four course meal. it’s also found in this fantastic face mask. use it weekly without fail. why? cos we say so. beauty wise, these truly are your salad days.’

Again a slightly controversial description regarding a lettuce leaf being a four course meal for a model, but it’s clear that it’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.

I’m going to say something that may shock you here: this mask smells like lettuce. I know, I know, a lettuce mask smelling like lettuce? Unheard of! But it’s true. Whilst the smell of lettuce is quite fresh, I wouldn’t describe it as particularly pleasant. Unless you’re a rabbit (or apparently a model) I don’t think this smell would be appealing.

Once again it didn’t even come close to drying, despite leaving it for the stated time. After it was removed my skin was soft and felt very moisturised.

I did really like the effects of this mask, it worked really well for my dry skin. I just wish it smelt slightly less like lettuce. However, the smell wasn’t unbearable and I would use it again.

If this mask sounds like it’s something you would enjoy then you can pick it up from the Boots website here.

makes your skin brighter (if not you). strawberry + yarrow face mask



‘this mask is the smart way to keep your face radiant. alas though, it won’t help you get to grips with Mandarin (the language or the fruit). read Ulysses or understand Algebraic K-theory. still who wants the complexion of a mathematician when you can have the complexion of a model?’

Quite unhappy that this mask won’t help me get to grips with mandarin, they’re such difficult fruits. However, radiance sounds good, and if I can look like that lettuce leaf eating model then sign me up.

I decided to try this mask in the bath which, for me, is pretty darn adventurous. The consistency for this one is more similar to the second one, and is what I would consider as a mask (rather than the first one being more like a moisturiser). It smelt really really good, sort of like a strawberry milkshake.

Removing this one was slightly more difficult than the last three just because I decided to do it with my hands instead of with a face cloth. It was also the only one to dry slightly, making it more challenging to remove.

However, once it was off and I was out of the bath my face felt great and was definitely more randiant than before (and still looked great the next day).

I think out of all of the ones I tried, this was my favourite as I loved the way it smelt and the way it made my skin feel.

If you’d like to try this mask then you can grab it from Boots for £1.50 here.

So this brings us to the end of this part of the review of the Anatomicals masks I was sent. I’m very grateful to the brand for sending these out to me, I’d been wanting to try them for ages so it was nice to get the chance. However, these aren’t all of the masks Anatomicals have in this form, they also have the following:

  • grease isn’t the word (tell me more, tell me more). mattifying face mask
  • farewell the scarlet pimplehell deep cleansing mud mask
  • hawaii five-glow tropical hydrating face mask
  • look, you’ve got chocolate all over your face anti-stress face mask

These are all available from Boots here

They also have a few sets of the masks which you can purchase from Superdrug (these will be on my Christmas list). These are called the following:

  • Anatomicals face care from worrying complex to wonderful complexion (UPDATE: This one doesn’t seem to be available anymore) – £3.49
    • the hottie tottie is never spotty. anti-blemish face mask
    • “get outta my face dirtball” apricot face scrub
    • hawaii five-glow tropical hydrating face mask
  • Anatomicals face masks now you’re ready to face the world – £3.00
    • farewell the scarlet pimplehell deep cleansing mud mask
    • grease isn’t the word (tell me more, tell me more). mattifying face mask
    • look, you’ve got chocolate all over your face anti-stress face mask

They also make a whole host of products including: hand creams, hair masks, lip balms, toothpaste, body scrubs, shampoo and conditioner, body cleansers, and sheet masks. They even make candles!

The best place I’ve found to see most of these products is actually Fragrance Direct. You can check out their Anatomicals range here.

Okay so overall, I really think that Anatomicals are worth checking out. I did overall enjoy the masks that I received. I think all of their prices are very fair and I think the packaging makes them look more expensive than they are. I think the brand is pretty quirky and unique, which I like. They have a lot of different products so I really think that there is something for everyone. I’m definitely going to be trying out some more of their products in the future (when I can make a decision what I want – so many things look good).

So this marks the end of this review, I really hope that you enjoyed reading it – if you did then please drop a quick like. Also comment if you’ve tried any Anatomicals products before, or if you haven’t then what do you think of these masks/the brand after this review? I really like hearing your thoughts on products too. Finally, if you aren’t already following my blog then please do! I’m a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blogger so if that’s something that’s up your street then you can follow either with a WordPress account, or via email.


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  1. Kathy says:

    These masks sounds amazing! I love the Charcoal one. Actually anything with charcoal and green tea or tea tree ingredients I just totally love. Amazing review hun 🙂


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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Thank you glad you enjoyed reading! I do like a charcoal mask myself but find they can be quite drying as I have dry skin so I’m glad this one wasn’t ❤️


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