Blue Light Technology – Tria Beauty ‘Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light’ Review

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I hope that you’re having the very best week and are excited for this post. I’m sorry that I didn’t post last week, I had a busy week and was exhausted. Also I’ve now lost my laptop charger so I’m having to fight to finish this post on my phone.

Today I’m going to be reviewing a product that is pretty alien to me. Blue light technology is something that I’ve seen floating around for a little while, and have always wanted to try, but have never got around to giving a go – until now.

Before we get into this review I want to be 100% transparent and say that this product was send to me, for free, for reviewing purposes. However, this doesn’t change my views on the product, or my experience with it.

*Additionally, all links to the Tria Beauty website are affiliate links, which means that I would earn a small commission if you click through and/or purchase through the link. This does not charge you anything extra.*

I want to extend the biggest thank you to not only Tria Beauty for sending me the product, but also Vicky from ThoughtMix who reached out to me on behalf of the brand. As you probably know, I haven’t been having the best time recently with my boyfriend being in hospital and undergoing chemotherapy. I’ve still been blogging as much as I can but it’s been more challenging to test products, and I have had some reviews that had time pressures. Therefore, I’ve had this product for many months now. Tria Beauty/Vicky have never ever pushed me to put the review out and have been nothing but understanding and patient. I am so grateful to them for giving me this opportunity and for letting me take the time to get this post out without any added pressure. Take a note brands/agencies, this is how you should be with your bloggers!

This review will talk a little about blue light technology, in case you’re unfamiliar with it, before we get into the main part of the review for this product.

The product we’re reviewing today can be purchased from the Tria Beauty website and has a retail price of £199. I know that might seem like a hefty price but this is a piece of technology, rather than a more traditional cream or serum beauty product, therefore higher prices are to be expected.

What is Blue Light Technology

Blue Light Technology is kind of how it sounds; it’s a piece of technology that emits blue light, and used by dermatologists and now in at-home devices. The blue light is used as a skincare product to treat forms of acne. It works by destroying bacteria, and oil buildups, that causes blemishes.

On the Tria Beauty website it states:

‘Unlike most acne treatment products that use harsh, drying chemicals to fight breakouts on the surface, the Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light uses a powerful dose of acne-zapping blue light. The impressive beam, packed inside a sleek, contoured device for an easy grip, targets the source of your breakouts deep within the skin.’

The popularity of blue light technology is growing as it’s being seen more on the high street and is a more affordable at-home alternative to going to a dermatologist. It’s also good for those individuals who react badly to topical acne treatments containing chemicals, or those who don’t want to take prescription medication (information from Silk’

Who are Tria Beauty?

Tria Beauty was founded in 2003 and wanted to create an easy to use, handheld, professional level, laser hair remover which delivered permanent results. This led to their first product creation and launch of their Hair Removal Laser in 2005 to the Japanese market. This was then brought to the US in 2008 after gaining FDA clearance.

They create products that they say fuse science and beauty in order to enhance health and confidence and deliver innovative products.

As well as the Hair Removal Laser, Tria has two other products: Tria Blue Light, and the Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser. With the former created for treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne, and those who want clearer, and more radiant, complexions, and the latter being used to treat multiple signs of ageing (fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, age spots, and textured skin).

If you wish to read their full story, or find out more, then you can do so here.


As you can see from the photos above, the product comes in a white box with the brand and product name on it.

Inside the box is the ‘acne clearing blue light’ device, some patches (that I’ll talk about later), a charger, an instruction manual containing all information you need to know about the product, and a quick start guide.

I really like this packaging, I tend to enjoy white packaging as I think it looks chic, and this is no different. The box is quite large though compared to the actual product.

I like that it contains both a larger manual and the quick start guide. I know people don’t like trawling through a big booklet to find out how to use the product, so the quick start guide would be really useful (and was what I used when I first began using the product).

Claims of the ‘Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light’

The following claims come from the Tria Beauty website:

Tria Positively Clear is the most advanced blue light therapy available today made safe and simple for at-home use. It is a revolutionary hand-held acne device that brings the same effective, therapeutic power of blue light used by dermatologists. It uses blue light to gently penetrate beneath your skin’s surface to eliminate bacteria at its source; strengthening your skin’s health so that your skin can take better care of itself and renews its natural radiance. A clinically proven blue light therapy that is recommended by leading dermatologists and is also FDA approved.

The Tria Positively Clear Blue Light penetrates deep below the surface to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and clears up blemishes FAST. Not only does the Tria Beauty Positively Clear target and destroy the bacteria, without harsh side effects, it’s also pocket size so it easily transportable, rechargeable and treats effected areas for only 5 minutes every day. In fact, you never have to leave home without your Tria Positively Clear therapy by your side.’

My Thoughts

I love the idea behind this product, I find technology really interesting and I love when technology and science comes together to make beauty products/items.

I followed the instructions fully for this product. Not going to lie, usually with beauty products I don’t do a patch test (but you should). However, since this is something completely new to me, I did a patch test with this on my arm.

The instructions say to put one of the patches (they’re circular with a hole in the middle) down on the area that you would like to use the product on, and then press the tip against the place that you have marked off with the patch. The product will start immediately and you’ll hear a fan noise as you see the blue light coming out. You then move it around the area in circular motions for 5 minutes until the product automatically shuts off.

I was absolutely fine in the patch test. It did get a little bit warm, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Additionally, my arm did get slightly red in the area that I had applied it to, but it wasn’t painful, and it disappeared quickly.

I like that the product automatically starts and cuts off when it needs to. Also if you remove it from your skin then it will stop until you press it back on, and then will resume from where it left off. I really like this as it means you don’t have to worry about timings at all. It also is extremely simple and easy to use which I think is a huge positive.

Although the product is designed for your face, I found that the tip of the product was quite big and difficult to use on certain areas. I mostly get spots on my chin and on/around my nose. I was using this on my chin but it was pretty difficult to cover the area I was trying to cover. Sitting pulling a weird face for 5 solid minutes just to ensure that the product is touching the area that you want it to is very uncomfortable/painful. I haven’t tried this on my nose due to the experience I had on my chin. I think it would be even more difficult! This would be perfect for flat areas of the face, for example the cheek or the forehead, but for other areas I find it’s quite challenging to use. Furthermore, I find waiting for 5 minutes is actually a long time, especially when you can’t really do much at the same time. I found that I have to use this whilst looking in the mirror as I didn’t know where the product was going and which areas it was hitting and missing. This is more an issue with me being impatient, than an issue with the product though.

Every time I have used it I noticed an immediate difference to the appearance of my blemishes. I find that they go down a bit just from one use and it draws out a lot of impurities. Extended use does get rid of them completely, but this is something that you need to keep up with and after a couple of months of not using it, my blemishes are back.

Although the product does work; for me personally, I need to use this on my chin and the design of the product just isn’t practical for me to use on this area. Therefore, I would rather use more traditional skincare than reach for this. Also by the time I get around to doing my nighttime skincare, I’m so tired that I just don’t want to sit for 5 minutes doing this.

Overall, I think this product does work and is worth a try if you have the budget and are looking for this type of a product. If your areas of concern are on flatter, larger, areas of your face then I definitely think this is worth a go. However, if like me you have blemishes mostly on your chin or nose then I don’t think this is going to work as well for you and it may be worth trying something else.

I wish Tria had different sized attachments that you could use for the end of the product to direct the light, as I think that would help for getting into crevices of the face easier.

If you would like to read more about, or purchase, the Tria Beauty ‘Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light’ then you can do so here.

This brings us to the end of this review, I hope that you enjoyed reading it. If you did then please give it a quick like and follow my blog if you think it’s something that you would enjoy reading in the future! I am a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blogger and I post twice a week (when I can).


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