Beauty Stocking Fillers Under £10

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Welcome to the first Christmas blog post of this year! I’m really surprised that I’ve managed to make it this long without making a Christmas post.

This is actually my first year writing Christmas themed posts. Whilst last year I was blogging around Christmas time, I was pretty new to blogging and nervous to write Christmas posts (and nervous to write most posts). Although I will be doing some Christmas blog posts this year I’m not taking part in blogmas because, to be honest, it’s far too much pressure to post every day and I know that I wouldn’t have enough ideas to get through the whole month without wanting to scream.


As you can see from the title, today’s post is going to be all about beauty products that I think would make great stocking fillers. Personally, I think stocking fillers should be under £10 (ideally under £5). I see anything above £10 as being more of an actual present if I’m honest.

I’m going to break this post into the following different beauty categories that I think would be good as stocking fillers:

  • Masks
  • Bath Products
  • Nails

I was initially going to include makeup products as well but to be honest there’s too much to choose from, even for me, and I find that makeup in a stocking would be far more risky than any of the products I’m going to mention. Plus there is A LOT of makeup under £10 (I’d recommend items from Revolution Beauty/Revolution Pro).

**Links to the Boots, and Superdrug website are affiliate links. This means I will earn a small commission should you click through/purchase through the links. This is no extra cost to you but helps out my blog**

As with all of my posts, this one is going to be a long one as I want to include different price points and explain a little about why I think these products would be good as stocking fillers. I really want this post to be helpful for if you know that someone likes beauty products but have no idea where to start for things to include in their stocking. It’s definitely going to be a long post so you might want to grab a cup of tea.

Without further ado, let’s get into my first ever Christmas post!


I think face masks are a fantastic stocking filler, they’re usually pretty affordable, are small and fit inside a stocking nicely, and a good mask is so nice to have!

I’m going to break this category into a few different masks that I think would be especially good as stocking fillers. I’ve also personally tried, and reviewed, all of these masks.


Anatomicals face masks

Price: £1.50 for one via Boots or Urban Outfitters, or £3.00 for a box set of 3 from Superdrug.

For some reason the ones shown in the picture that I previously reviewed I can’t seem to find at Boots anymore. There is ‘farewell the scarlet pimple hell’ still on Boot’s website, but it is sold out. Additionally you can buy ‘hawaii five-glow’ from Urban Outfitters.

However, the one that I think would make the best stocking filler would be the £3.00 box set from Superdrug. The set is called ‘Face the World Masks’ and contains ‘farewell the scarlet pimple hell’, ‘grease isn’t the word (tell me more, tell me more)’, and ‘look, you’ve got chocolate all over your face’.

I think face masks are a really good gift, especially in a stocking. These particular Anatomicals ones are pretty good, and I’d love to get the set as a stocking filler!

You can pick up the box of three from Superdrug here, or the singular ones from Boots here, and Urban Outfitters here.

Also, if you would like to read my dedicated review for these masks then you can do so through this link.


Boots Sheet Masks

Price: £2.50 each from Boots, currently (as at 13/11/18) on offer at 2 for £3.50.

Next up, we have some sheet masks.

Now, if you’ve been on my blog for a while then you’ll know that I love a sheet mask. Mostly due to the fact that I’m lazy and don’t like washing masks off. However, I also find sheet masks (because they’re covered in serum) to be more hydrating for my dry skin.

These Boots sheet masks are the best ones that I’ve found in the UK. I’ve tried a fair few Korean sheet masks and these compare pretty well (probably because they’re made in Korea).

Therefore, I think these would make an incredible stocking filler. They’re fantastic quality for the price.

If you’d like to check these out you can find them through this link.

Also if you’d like to read more about these masks then you can check out my review here.



Price: B. masks £2.99 each; tea tree peel of mask 99p; foot mask £1.99.

I’ve chosen three masks from Superdrug because I wanted to include a few different types of masks and there are quite a few that I like and think would be good as a stocking filler.

The first of these masks is those from the B. brand – this is a brand specifically at Superdrug. These masks vary from clay masks to leave on ones. These ones are one use but you can also buy larger, multiple use, versions for under £10.

Secondly, another mask for your face, but one that is a little different is the Superdrug tea tree peel of mask. I personally really love this mask and I have used it quite a few times. I tend to use it when I have blemishes, since it has tea tree in it. It’s also super fun to peel off so would be a good addition to a stocking.

Finally, a different type of mask. This one is a foot mask which, again, contains tea tree. This particular foot mask, I’ve once again used a lot and really like. Since it’s cold this would be a good mask to get in a stocking, although it does feel a bit weird it does really help with dry feet!

If you would like to purchase any of these products you can do so via the Superdrug website. You can see all of the different B. masks on offer here, find the tea tree peel off mask here, and the foot mask here.

Furthermore, if you would like to read my reviews on these products then you can find the B. masks review here, the peel off mask review here, and the foot mask review here.



Price: £2.99 for 3 face scrubs in a box.

The picture that I have shown is from when I bought these masks last year and I got 3 in the box. I’m not sure whether this is still the case, which is why I’ve said you get two.

These masks come in a powdered form inside the sachets, which you mix with water in order to create a paste to apply. This is different to the other masks that I’ve featured – I really wanted to cover all bases!

These masks are good (we all know I love everything about Optiat) and I like that you get to try these hemp masks without buying the larger version.

**NOTE: Optiat is now called Upcircle. You cannot buy this set of masks any more but you can purchase a box of face scrubs which you can find here.**

Bath Products

Whilst I’ve titled this section ‘bath products’, I mean this loosely as any products that you use in a bath-type setting (e.g. showers etc).



Price: £2.25 to £9.95 for bath bombs; £3.95 to £7.50 for bubble bars; between £4.95 and £5.95 for small shower gels; £2.75 each for shower bombs; £7.95 – £9.95 for naked shower gels; finally £10.95 for ‘Magic Crystals’.

Personally, I love bath bombs (although not the one pictured here, you can read that review through this link) and I think they’d make a great stocking filler. In fact, I received some Lush bath bombs and bubble bars in my stocking last year! My favourite bath bombs are: ‘Butterbear‘ (£2.75), ‘Yellow Submarine’ (£4.25), and ‘Dragon’s Egg‘ (£3.95). ‘Snow Fairy’ (£5.25) is a favourite of a lot of people for Christmas and I do like the scent I personally just don’t like the jelly bath bombs (they take a lot of cleaning and you certainly don’t want to have to clean your bath after using a stocking filler present)!

Although ‘Butterbear’ is the most affordable, it doesn’t change the bath water much. It has Shea butter in it, which leaves your skin feeling super soft, but if you’re looking to give a gift with a little more excitement then this is where bubble bars come in. If you don’t have that big of a budget for stocking fillers (who does?!) then it might be nice to give the ‘Butterbear’ bath bomb alongside a bubble bar. That way you still get an exciting bath, and are giving two gifts, without breaking the bank. Lush actually have two Christmas themed bubble bars for £3.95 each – ‘Candy Mountain Yule Log‘, and ‘Candy Cane‘ (which is reusable) – either of these would be great with the ‘Butterbear’ as the bath bomb doesn’t have much of a scent, but these do.

Now if you’re reading this and thinking ‘well that sounds great but the person I’m giving gifts to doesn’t have a bath’ then do not fear – I have that covered too! If you’re looking to bring a bit of the bath to the shower (sounds weird, I know), then you’ll be pleased to know that Lush recently launched ‘shower bombs’ which are only £2.75 each! Or, if you’re looking for something more traditional, then you can get small (100g) shower gels from them for under the £10 budget. Alternatively, if the person you’re buying for is more ethically conscious then Lush sell ‘naked’ shower gels that are plastic-free, for between £7.95 and £10.95.

If you have a slightly bigger budget then I personally think that the ‘Magic Crystals’ shower scrub would make an incredible stocking filler. I know, I know, it’s 95p over £10 – please forgive me, I just couldn’t not include it in this post! 

If you’d like to check out any of the products I mentioned then you can find them through these links: bath bombs, bubble bars, shower gel, shower bombs, naked shower gels, ‘Magic Crystals’



Price: £2.99 for the box of small sachets; £12.99 for 100ml scrub; £14.99 for the larger 200ml scrub (the scrubs are now in metal tubes and come with boxes).

Yes, I know, another Optiat product – are you getting the idea that I really like Optiat yet?! 

These scrubs are really fantastic and I think they would make an excellent stocking filler. Specifically, I think that the box of two sample scrubs, or the travel sized scrub, would make the best stocking fillers. However, if you want to go all out and know that the person your stocking is for likes scrubs – the larger one is still within the £10 price point. 

You can find all of these products on the Optiat website or through one of their stockists. You can grab the box of scrubs here, and the tubes of scrubs here.

**NOTE: Optiat is called Upcircle now**


I initially had this section titled ‘fake nails’ but I know some people really don’t like using fake nails, so I decided to include nail polish in this section as well as false nails.


Primark Fake Nails

Price: £1 to roughly £4 depending on style.

I couldn’t create a stocking fillers post without including Primark now could I? People always have events around Christmas, whether it’s a boxing day party, or New Years Eve, and this is where false nails might come in handy. I also just think that they’re great to have in a stocking!

These Primark ones are pretty good (I reviewed the different price points here), I would say that they need better glue, but if they’re only going to be used for a specific event, or short time span, then the glue is fine. 

They have quite a few different styles to choose from so there really is something for everyone and if they don’t like it then at least they didn’t cost much! 

You can pick these up from Primark in store.


Price: £7.99 each.

Alternatively to the Primark nails, we have these Kiss nails.They’re a much, much higher quality to start. Additionally, I personally think the designs are nicer.

With the Kiss nails you get a choice of either their ‘imPRESS’ range, which contain adhesive tabs that you can apply the nails with instead of glue. This isn’t something that you get with the Primark nails. So I think these ones would be better if you’re giving them to either someone younger, or someone who doesn’t have much experience applying nails. They’re very easy to apply and can be removed at any time. 

The other nails that they stock (such as the ‘Gel Fantasy’ ones shown in the picture above) contain glue AND the adhesive tabs. The glue with these nails is much better than the Primark ones and I find the shapes/sizes of the Kiss nails, combined with the decent nail glue, means that these stay on for a long time (I found that they lasted couple of weeks on me with the occasional reapplication of a nail or two). 

If you’d like to pick these up then you can check out the designs on Superdrug’s website here.



Price: £6 each for mini polishes.

Ciaté is a brand that I absolutely love but rarely speak about. I already had a few but then I picked up last years ‘Mini Mani Month’ advent calendar in the sales after Christmas – meaning I got 20+ more Ciaté polishes (you can read that review here). 

I haven’t been into painting my nails much recently because I’ve been wearing false nails, but these polishes are incredible. They are a little pricey at £6 for a small bottle or £12 for a large one but I find the colours to be amazing and they’re great quality. Most nail polishes chip on me after around an hour (I’m clumsey) but these last up to a week without chipping on me. 

There’s so many different ones to choose from so you’ll definitely find one that the person you’re buying for will like. They’re also 3 for £15 if you wanted to push the boat out a bit (if you’re going to do that I’d recommend getting a colour for the base, a glitter polish, and a top coat). 

You can find these polishes on Ciaté’s website here.

Okay, phew, breathe, we’ve reached the end of this post! If you’re still with me then thank you so much for reading. I’m sorry for how long this post is, I just get excited and want to create posts that are as useful as they can be! If you want to see a stocking fillers post on just makeup under £10 then let me know in a comment and I’ll make sure to get on it – it wouldn’t be as long as this one, I promise. 

I really hope that you enjoyed my first ever Christmas post and are excited for the festive season. If you did enjoy it then please give this review a quick like. Additionally, please make sure to follow my blog if you aren’t already!


Charlotte (Multibendystraw)

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  1. Love F & J says:

    Love this! Great ideas to add to stockings that will actually be used and enjoyed!

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Thank you so much! I wanted to make a post that anyone could use (whether they know about beauty products or not) x


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    So many great ideas!
    Brianna |

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    Voted x
    Have you seen Asda’s range of bath bombs? They are fab and only £2

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      Thank you so much!

      I have not! I’ll double check if they’re cruelty free and add them to my list (the list that is starting with Asda bath bombs because I don’t have a list) xxx


      1. Madame Said says:

        Ooh good point. I am unsure if they are. I just saw them today when I was walking through.

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      2. Multibendybeauty says:

        I tweeted them a weird tweet asking after I’d had wine last night… They are yet to reply ?❤️


  4. em says:

    these are really great ideas!

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      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! ❤️


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  7. Lauren says:

    That Ciate polish is gorgeous! Deffo need more sparkly nail polishes in my life – especially with party season coming up!

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      They have so many different polishes! I like that they give the option to buy a small one (I have lots of small ones that I got last year and not one has ran out yet) xx


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