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This post marks something new for my blog – a candle review! I’m actually really surprised to think about the fact that I haven’t reviewed candles before considering that I absolutely adore them. 

I think candles are amazing. I have a few different ‘categories’ of candles that I keep in my room – ones that I bought because I like the scent but they fit with my room decor so I have no intention of burning them, ones that smell divine that I just can’t wait to burn, and tea lights (I tend to go for unscented ones). 

I probably own most that fall into the first category. I know it probably sounds weird considering candles are literally made to be burnt and I’m out here buying them to use as decorations because they look cute (I can’t be the only one that does this)!

Personally I just love candles, I think they’re the perfect addition to room decor, and they give a really cosy feel when you light a bunch of them – especially in the winter. I’m all about that cosy, warm, vibe, and I think candles are a huge part of achieving this.

I’m not sure how I first came across the brand Jasper & Jasper, they might have started following me on Instagram. Either way, I’ve been following them pretty much since the beginning of their Instagram and have been watching them grow and develop their brand. Just before their launch I replied to an Instagram story they put up, telling them how much I loved the look of one of their wax burners. They replied asking me if I’d like to try a candle and some wax melts on my blog. I can’t even begin to say how excited I was when they asked me, I think I mentioned it every day for a week to my boyfriend (whoops). 

Although Jasper & Jasper sent me these products to review on my blog, I’ll still be completely honest (as always). 

We did have a little hiccup with Royal Mail which meant these products took a while to get to me. In fact, so long that we thought the parcel was lost and she sent another identical parcel – only for the first one to then materialise! In short, I now have two of the same items so I ended up doing a giveaway of everything you see reviewed on this post over on my Instagram.

Anyway, enough waffling, let’s get into the review!

As with all brands that I don’t think you’ll be familiar with, I’ll include a little about the brand before we get into what products I got and my thoughts on them.

Who are Jasper&Jasper?

Jasper&Jasper are a UK based luxury home fragrance company who make wax burners, wax melts, and candles. All of their products are made with soy wax and are cruelty free, vegan, and environmentally friendly. 

As animal lovers, their brand is actually named after their pet rat, Jasper, who they name as their sole inspiration due to his personality and character.

The brand currently offers wax burners in three designs, two colours of wick trimmers, wax melts that come in pouches, glass candles, and tin candles.

The wax melts, and candles, are sections into two different collections that contain different scents. These collections are ‘The White Collection’ and ‘The Black Collection’. Within ‘The White Collection’ are the scents: ‘Island Breeze’, ‘Pink Bellini’, ‘Vanilla Bean’, and ‘Coastal Roads’. ‘The Black Collection’ has the following scents: ‘Barista’, ‘April Showers’, ‘Arabian Nights’, and ‘Fire & Brimstone’. 

What I Received

I chose the following products to be sent from Jasper&Jasper (I will still add the prices so you’re aware of their value):

  • ‘Arabian Nights’ Wax Melts – £5.00
  • ‘Copper Wax Melt Burner’ – £14.00
  • ‘Pink Bellini’ Tin Candle – £12.00


The photo above shows the products before and after I unwrapped them. As you can see, each item comes wrapped in tissue paper with the brand name on (in the other parcel some were wrapped in plain grey paper instead).Each item also has a label with the scent name on it so you know what the product is going to be before you’ve even unwrapped it. 

The products are really well packaged and despite my first box of products making its way to me completely battered, nothing was broken. The items come inside a regular box that’s filled with packing peanuts.There’s nothing worse than your product arriving damaged and having to wait for another, so I’m glad it’s extremely well packaged. 

The two collections have visibly different packaging. The ‘Arabian Nights’ wax melts are from ‘The Black Collection’, therefore the bag is mostly black, whereas the ‘Pink Bellini’ candle is from ‘The White Collection’, so has a white label. I like the difference in packaging as it makes it very easy to distinguish between which scents belong to which collection. 

The wax melts come in a plastic resealable bag with a clear window where you can see the wax through. In order to open it you need to tear off the top of the bag just above the resealable part. I like this packaging and I think the way that it’s been designed makes it look luxurious, despite being simple, and easy to use. 

I adore the packaging of the candle. As you can see from the picture above, it comes in a copper tin with a label on one part. There is a lid so you can seal in the scent and keep the wax from gathering dust. I really like that it comes in a tin and therefore has no plastic. I think that the tin would make great decoration either before, or after, you’ve finished with the candle, and could be reused once you’ve burned the candle down. One small thing, which the brand did mention to me before the product arrived, there is a spelling error on the label with ‘friendly’ spelled incorrectly, but this is being fixed with the next batch. I love that the packaging for the candle is minimalistic and I think the copper tin does make it feel luxury.

Finally, the wax burner doesn’t really have any packaging but I really love how it looks (it’s the product that I replied to the brand about). I think the copper being the same shade as the tin is important and means that the products look good next to each other. I didn’t picture it, but the wax burner does come with a little glass holder to put at the top to put the wax in. 

Overall, I love the packaging and the branding. I do think that it lives up to it’s ‘luxury home fragrance’ claims.

‘Arabian Nights’ Wax Melts – £5.00

Jasper&Jasper 'Arabian Nights' Wax Melts

As described on the Jasper&Jasper website, these ‘Arabian Nights’ wax melts have the following scent:

‘Top Notes: Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender
Middle Notes: Amber, Balsam, Musk, Vanilla
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Copaiba’

I chose this scent because I love the smell of orange (or anything citrus really), I also liked the sound of it having vanilla in it.

I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly this smells like but it definitely smells like something you could eat (please don’t though). I think it’s got almost a white chocolate smell. Whatever it is, it’s lovely. 

I added 2 wax melts to the dish at once, then once it had burned down a little, added another. I feel like they will last quite a while as I personally don’t mind just remelting what is already in the dish a couple of times to get the most out of it. However, it really depends on how often you want to scrape the remaining wax out.

When it’s at different stages of burning you get to smell the different notes of the product and it’s really nice. Additionally, the scent of the product is quite strong when it’s burning. It’s so annoying when you buy a candle (or fragrance product), only to find that when you burn it, the smell is gone, so I’m glad that these pack a punch when they’re burning.

For £5.00 a bag I think these are 100% worth it. Jasper&Jasper have 8 different fragrances of wax melt (that correspond with the 8 different candle fragrances) so there’s definitely going to be a scent that you like the sound of. When my bag is done I’ll definitely get some more of these as it was tough to choose just one.

If you like the sound of these ‘Arabian Nights’ wax melts then you can pick them up here. You can also check out the rest of ‘The Black Collection’ wax melts here, and all of the wax melts from ‘The White Collection’ here.

‘Copper Wax Melt Burner’ – £14.00

Jasper&Jasper Copper Wax Melt Burner

We already know I loved this product when I saw it online, and that definitely didn’t change once it arrived. It’s really sturdy, since it’s made of stone, and I really love the copper dipped portion at the bottom. 

There is a cut-out at the back of the burner which makes it easy to put a tealight in and light it. I really like this feature as it not only helps to know which side is supposed to be the front, but makes the burner easier to use (I was a little concerned with how I was supposed to drop the tealight into the burner and light it). 

The little dish that comes to put on top fits perfectly and is made of thick glass so isn’t likely to break. Online it says it’s recommended to hold 2 wax melts but I did add an extra one once the original two melted, and it was fine. 

My only issue with this burner is that is won’t look this pretty forever. My boyfriend knocked the surface it was on whilst the wax was melted, which caused wax to drop down the outside of the burner (that’s pretty inevitable and will definitely happen at some point). Whereas usually wax hardens, I found that the stone almost seemed to absorb the wax, meaning that I can’t clean it off. This is something that will definitely happen at some point, no matter how careful you are, but is something to keep in mind. 

Overall, I think this wax burner is gorgeous and I love how much thought has gone into the concept and design. The copper dip, and weight of the item, makes it look and feel luxury, and it wouldn’t look out of place on a shelf as a nice decoration when it isn’t being used. 

If you like the look of this wax burner then you can grab it from the Jasper&Jasper website here. Additionally, although this one is clearly my favourite, they do have two other designs if this one isn’t to your taste. You can find all of the designs here.

‘Pink Bellini’ Tin Candle – £12.00

Jasper&Jasper 'Pink Bellini' Candle

On the Jasper&Jasper website, this product has the following scent description:

‘Top Notes: Raspberry, Leaf Green 

Middle Notes: Champagne, Red Rose, Strawberry 

Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Hyacinth’

I was really drawn to this one as I thought it would be right up my alley. I was not wrong. This product smells really sweet and delicious and I love it so much. 

The scent on this is quite strong (if you leave it with the lid off, you’ll be able to smell it even when it isn’t burning), and maintains its scent whilst it’s burning. 

I had this on for several hours and it didn’t burn down much, which I’m happy about as I love the scent so much I want it to last as long as possible! 

I can’t fault this candle at all, it’s really amazing and you can tell that it’s of good quality. I’m glad that the scent is powerful and it does smell exactly as it is described. If you like sweet scents then this one is definitely for you!

One thing that I would say is that it’s probably best to put the lid on the candle when you’re done with it. I’m quite sensitive to scents and I didn’t put the lid on after I’d used it in my room, which meant that I ended up with a headache when I woke up in the morning. As long as you replace the lid though, it’s fine. I’d prefer for the candle to have a strong scent, than paying for something you like the smell of, only to have it not really smell of it when you burn it though!

If this candle sounds like your cup of tea then you can get it through this link. If you want to see what other scents they have available then you can find ‘The White Collection’ here, and ‘The Black Collection’ candles here (they also have these candles available in larger sizes as glass candles.

I have a discount code with Jasper&Jasper (this isn’t an affiliate code so I don’t earn anything it’s just for you) for 10% off so if you’d like to get some money off of their website then use the code MULTIBENDYSTRAW10.

Overall, I love the Jasper&Jasper products and I definitely will be purchasing some of their other candles/wax melts in the future! I find it a bit nerve wracking to choose scented products online but the scent descriptions for these products are 100% spot on, so if you think you like the sound of something then chances are you will like it when it arrives. If you’re into home fragrance products (if you aren’t then please reconsider because candles are the best) and like the look of these products then I’d definitely recommend purchasing some – they’d also make amazing gifts! I think that the prices are perfectly fair for the candles but if you’re a bit strapped for cash, but love the sound of scents (and you have a wax burner) then I think going for the wax melts would be your best bet. All of the wax melts come in the same scents as the candles and I think you could stretch a lot of use out of them for just £5. However, you definitely don’t get the same level of luxury feel as you would with the tin or glass candles!

Please be sure to check out Jasper&Jasper’s website and social media

Right so this brings us to the end of this post! I really hope that you enjoyed reading, and if you did then please be sure to drop a quick like on this post! Also, if you’d like to see me review some more candles in the future then let me know in a comment. Please make sure you follow my blog if you aren’t already – I post at least twice a week!


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