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This post is going to be another fake nail review. By now you probably know that I love fake nails. Whilst I do enjoy painting my nails I’m very clumsy and always end up chipping the polish almost immediately. Additionally, if one of my nails breaks then I end up cutting them all short and then being sad about my short nails. So this is where false nails come in. 

I was extremely lucky to be sent these nails from Alex Silver PR. I’d been following her for a little while seeing all the amazing products that were being sent out from Kiss Products (and other brands). Alex put up an Instagram story asking for individuals who were interested to email her. I took a screenshot of this story and emailed her showing my interest. Quite a while after that email, a package showed up containing fake nails and lashes from Kiss Products. I wasn’t actually told it was coming so it was an incredible surprise when they turned up on my doorstep!

**All links to the Superdrug website are affiliate links which means I will earn a small amount of commission should you choose to click through and/or purchase through the link**

Products & Packaging

From left to right I was sent:

  • ‘Gel Fantasy’ Nails (Purple) – £6.99 (I actually can’t find what these are called)
  • imPRESS ‘Press-on Manicure’ in ‘Next Wave’ (nude nails and rose-gold glitter nails) – £7.99
  • imPRESS ‘Press-on Manicure’ in ‘Rock it’ (french tipped nails and glitter nails) – £7.99
  • ‘Gel Fantasy’ Nails in ‘Rush Hour’ (peachy-pink nails with glitter) – £6.99  

As you can see from the photo above, the packaging for all of these products is very similar and (I think) distinctive. I like that all of the packaging is white with mostly black text, and I like that the ‘PRESS’ in ‘imPRESS’ is red, as it makes the main feature of the nails (the fact that you can press them on – I’ll get onto that in a minute), stand out. 

The ‘gel fantasy’ range, and the ‘imPRESS’ range can be distinguished from each other but they look similar enough to know that they’re from the same brand just from a glance, which is always good and makes finding the nails you want easier.

I wouldn’t say the packaging is hugely exciting but I also don’t think it needs to. It’s very easy to see the nail designs in the packaging which is all that’s important really. I’ve never really seen fake nail packaging looking particularly exciting. 

‘Gel Fantasy’ Nails (Purple) – £6.99

These were the last pair that I wore because I though they looked the least exciting in the box. However, I absolutely loved how they looked when they were on. I think I prefer more of a rounded, or stiletto, shape, but I’m warming to these square ones. 

I must say that the glue that comes with these is ultra powerful. Additionally, the shaping of the nail meant that it sat flush against my nail. I’ve noticed with other fake nails that the curve of them doesn’t fit my nail shape very well so there’s always gaps. The gapping then means that the nails don’t last as long. However, the combination of the shape of all of these Kiss nails, and the powerful glue, meant that these lasted two+ weeks. I had a nail fall off here and there but I just glued them back on, no bother. On the whole, these lasted longer than any other fake nail that I’ve used. The only downside I have is that the glue is so powerful that when I’m removing the false nails it does tend to damage my nails underneath if they’re on the longer side – but if I wear them over shorter natural nails then it’s fine.

For some reason, as I mentioned, I can’t find these nails anywhere so I can’t link them.

imPRESS ‘Press-on Manicure’ in ‘Next Wave’ – £7.99

This was the first pair that I wore because I thought they were so beautiful that I just couldn’t resist. 

I really love how these look, I like the oval shape of the nails as well as the colour, and the glitter accent nail (there’s enough glitter nails to do more than one as glitter on each hand if you wanted). 

I did come into a couple of issues with these nails though. Firstly, the press-on aspect of them didn’t seem to work for me. The press-on aspect is that there’s a jelly-type pad under the nail that you use to adhere the fake nail to your real one. This then means that it’s relatively easy to remove the fake nail from your one, without any damage (since there’s no glue). I thought the concept was really interesting and I was excited to use them.

Applying the pads was easy and then you just need to press the nail onto yours, which makes the whole application process very quick. My issue was that for some reason the gel pad meant that the fake nail was standing off from my real nail, meaning that things could get under the nail and pull it off. I also found that the nail moved around since the product under it is gel-like. 

I went for a walk with my dog and two of the nails fell off in my pocket. So I decided to remove them all, and scrape the gel off, and just glue them on regularly. This worked fine. I’m not sure whether I just got an odd one or if this happens with all of the ‘imPRESS’ range – I’ve heard no-one else talk about this so let me know if you’ve had this experience too!

I can’t find these online at Superdrug, but you might be able to find them in store!

imPRESS ‘Press-on Manicure’ in ‘Rock it’ – £7.99

I actually haven’t tried these yet because they just aren’t completely my cup of tea. I’m not the biggest fan of french tipped nails, they just aren’t my style. 

It’s likely that I will still use these when I fancy it but for now I they haven’t been calling my name. I think the fact that they’re press-on might actually make me more likely to try them as I can always remove them if I don’t like the way that they look. 

As I mentioned, although the glue did last a long time keeping the nails on, it was quite harsh on my nails so I’d prefer these ones at the moment because my nails are quite long at the moment and I don’t want to break them!

If you liked the look of these nails in the picture above then you can get them from Superdrug for £7.99 (currently, as of 01/12/18, on sale for £5.32) online here.

‘Gel Fantasy’ Nails in ‘Rush Hour’ – £6.99

These were probably my absolute favourite from the bunch. Whilst they are quite similar in colour to the ‘Next Wave’ set, I liked the design on these and I enjoyed that they were longer than the first set. 

I got compliments on these nails the most out of all the set and enjoyed wearing them the most. I felt that these fit my nail shape the best and I felt fancy when wearing them. 

Although I had the same issue with the glue being strong, I think these were my favourite pair in terms of look, comfort, and how long they lasted. 

I’d definitely buy this pair so that I can wear these again. Especially as they’re on sale at the moment. Whilst I think that £6.99 is still a good price, £4.66 is incredible and 100% worth it!

If you like the look of these nails then you can purchase them for £6.99 (currently, as of 01/12/18, on sale for £4.66) from the Superdrug website here.

Overall, these are definitely my favourite high-street fake nail brand that I’ve tried and I’d definitely recommend them. I think the price is fantastic for the quality of both the nails and the glue. The designs available are beautiful and I like the choice of either the press-on ones, or the regular glue-on ones. I think this brand has something available for everyone, whether you’re new to wearing fake nails, or a veteran, and whether you want an extravagant design or a more plain simple one. 

You can check out all of the nails on Kiss’ website here.

This brings us to the end of this review, I really hope that you enjoyed reading it! Again thank you so much to Alex Silver PR, and Kiss, for sending me these nails to test. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these nails, have you tried them before? Also please make sure that you follow my blog if you aren’t already, you can follow through a WordPress account or via email. I’m 5 followers away from hitting my goal for the year and I really would like to hit it!


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  1. Definitely saving this for reference! I have been looking for some good at home nails:)

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      For some reason this comment went to spam which is why I haven’t responded sooner! I’m so glad that you liked it xx


  2. C.K Beauty says:

    Great post! I love wearing false nails but i always find they ping off really fast. x

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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      I find that with some cheaper ones sometimes but didn’t have that problem with these! Glad you enjoyed reading x

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      1. C.K Beauty says:

        Yes,I’ll have to try one of these brands x

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