Alcoholic Christmas Crackers?! – Drinks by the Dram Gin Crackers Review

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Yes you read that right, you can get Christmas Crackers that have small bottles of alcohol inside them. Yep, those Christmas crackers you pull with people on Christmas day that contain a terrible toy, a paper hat that everyone is forced to wear all day, and a groan-worthy joke. Now imagine a world where instead of that terrible toy you can have a bottle of alcohol. That world is here.

Atom Brands, who own Drinks by the Dram, sent me these gin crackers for free to review. However, as always, my review will be 100% honest and they haven’t asked me to say anything positive about the product. 

When I heard of these alcoholic Christmas crackers I must say I was pretty excited, however a little confused as I wasn’t totally sure what would be included (and how you could have a small bottle of alcohol inside of a cracker). My confusion quickly ended when they arrived.

The crackers come in one large box, which has 6 crackers inside. The set retails for £34.95, however you can buy singular crackers for varying prices depending on what drink is contained within it (I’ll get onto that in a little bit).

Packaging & Contents

As you can see from the photos above the outer carton is a green cardboard with the brand name and information on. At the bottom it is written in gold that these crackers are ‘gin’, this little bit of writing changes depending on which set you purchase. 

Inside are 6 crackers, which are red with gold detailing and a small gold box on each end. They’re triangular in shape which, to me, is unusual for a triangle. When you pull the cracker open there is a small bottle of gin inside, secured with a elastic band around which is a gold paper hat and a joke. 

One issue that I had with the packaging of the actual crackers is that the banger (strip of paper that you pull apart which makes the snap sound) is secured to each end of the cracker with just a small circle tape piece. On a lot of the crackers the banger wasn’t fully secured which meant that it didn’t snap when the cracker was pulled. The way to fix this is to really press the tape down before you pull the cracker, once I did that they all were fine. 

I think the thing that struck me first when I got the little bundled package from inside the cracker was that the hat is the highest quality Christmas cracker hat I’ve ever felt. It’s made of a really thick paper meaning that it is strong and won’t break when you’re fumbling to put it on your head. 

Inside the little bundle were the following gins:

  • Ableforth’s ‘Bathtub Gin’
  • Ableforth’s ‘Bathtub Gin – Sloe Gin’
  • That Boutique-y Gin Company ‘Yuletide Gin’
  • New York Distilling Company ‘Navy Strength Gin’
  • Conker Spirit ‘Dorset Dry Gin’
  • Tanqueray ‘Rangpur’ 

I really like that the gins themselves, despite being from different brands, all are packaged in the same way. They have the same black rubber around the caps, and the same cream labels with the same fonts. I think that’s a really important detail as it makes the crackers feel more cohesive, despite containing different gins from different companies. 


If you’re going to buy gin crackers that contain a whole bunch of different gins, you’re probably going to want a little bit of information about what they taste like, right? 

Or, if you’re thinking ‘I just want some gins and don’t really want to read about what they taste like’, then feel free to skip this part.

Each of these descriptions will be taken from the Masters of Malt website but cut down a little so we aren’t here all night (also I find alcohol descriptions make me strangely uncomfortable – I think it’s the word ‘mouthfeel’ along with the oddly sensual descriptions).

Ableforth’s ‘Bathtub Gin‘:

‘Nose: Initially juniper backed up with rich grain spirit. Top notes of cardamom and orange blossom with a suggestion of cinnamon.
Palate: The initial focus is juniper, but earthier botanicals make themselves known too. Viscous and creamy.
Finish: The juniper subsides and gives way to cardamom and cinnamon, with a late resurgence from orange peel.’

Ableforth’s ‘Bathtub Gin – Sloe Gin’:

‘Nose: Marzipan and juniper with cinnamon and hot clove. Citrus in the background, with aromas of freshly baked cakes.
Palate: Almond and berries on the entry. The berries last throughout, thick and seriously flavoursome. Hints of vanilla. Oak tannins, too.
Finish: Spices last on the finish.’

That Boutique-y Gin Company ‘Yuletide Gin’:

Nose: Classic in style – prominent juniper and a splash of citrus. Then the gingerbread arrives, along with a big slab of Christmas cake notes, something pine-like and then Terry’s Chocolate Orange. There’s a rich aromatic spiciness too – nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom.
Palate: Juniper first, before all the rich spiciness comes in. Loads of ginger and nutmeg, mince pie pastry, raisins and orange peel. There are some lighter citrus notes tucked in on the end, too.
Finish: Long, rich and sweetly spiced.

New York Distilling Company ‘Navy Strength Gin’:

‘Nose: Quite traditional and juniper led but with a creamy, syrupy natural sweetness and floral roundness, that comes from the wildflower honey.
Palate: Big and juniper led with citrus, especially grapefruit.
Finish: Earthy orange and juniper.’

Conker Spirit ‘Dorset Dry Gin’:

‘Nose: A summer meadow aroma leads among the subtle sweetness of citrus and icing sugar. Juniper throughout.
Palate: Soft and supple, the palate begins with plenty of classic juniper elements among a berry jam sweetness and an underlay of more icing sugar. There’s a touch of spearmint too.
Finish: There is a little damp, earthy spice and orange oil in the finish.

Tanqueray ‘Rangpur’:

‘Nose: Lots of zest, citrus peel and botanicals.
Palate: Not as sharp and citric as the nose suggests, instead offering a pleasantly balanced gin flavour that’s instantly recognisable as Tanqueray.
Finish: Smooth yet dry and lemony.

Pricing Breakdown

Now we know what you get and how they taste, let’s find out how much they cost as individual crackers. You know me, always wanting to break down pricing to understand better if it’s worth your money. So, let’s do it.

The set of 6 costs £34.95, which makes every singular cracker approximately £5.82. For a small bottle of gin, I would say that £5.82 isn’t bad, especially as these aren’t gins you’re going to find in any old shop. However, you can buy these gins as singular crackers, and the price of these varies. So, let’s take a look at those prices too!

Singular cracker prices:

Total, if you were to buy each of these separately, it would cost £36.15. Therefore, you are receiving a small saving by purchasing the set. Whilst I wouldn’t say this is a monumental deal, a saving is a saving.


I really love the idea of these alcoholic Christmas crackers! I can’t be the only person who stares at the back of boxes and boxes of Christmas crackers trying to find the lesser of the evils, hoping that one set will contain something semi-decent. 

The packaging is absolutely stunning (probably the most beautiful Christmas crackers I’ve ever had) and I also love the packaging of the actual gins. I believe the price is more than fair since you can get Christmas crackers containing the same old rubbish, mostly useless, toys, for around the same price as these. 

I think the selection of different gins is fantastic and there will be something for everyone. I think these are an incredible product and I’d highly recommend them this Christmas (and every Christmas from here on out). I think the ‘Yuletide Gin’ from ‘That Boutique-y Gin Company’ is my favourite and definitely very festive, you may have seen me drinking it on my Instagram stories (I love the gold flakes in it)! I’ve had a look at some other gins from ‘The Boutique-y Gin Company’ and they look just as incredible too.

Although I do think that a set of 6 crackers might be a little bit of a strange gift for someone, one cracker might be slightly less crackers of a gift (haha yes I know, I’m so funny). Especially as, if you know the person, you can select the type of gin cracker that you know they would enjoy – personally I think the ‘Yuletide’ one would a perfect gift. However, you can read the descriptions and see which you think they would enjoy. I personally love sweet things as well as citrus flavours, so the ‘Yuletide’ one and the ‘Bathtub Gin’ were my favourites, but someone you know may prefer a more classic flavour – which is available too.

Alternatively, if you’re in charge of buying crackers and the family you have Christmas lunch with is 18+, like mine, then I think these would be a great idea to bring – plus you still get a party hat and a terrible joke (which we all know is the actual reason people buy crackers).

If you’re thinking ‘hey, these sound like a great idea, but I don’t like gin’ then (firstly, reconsider) don’t worry they also have a set of 6 whiskey crackers (this one is slightly more expensive at £39.95), and a set of spirit and liqueur crackers.

You can find all of the crackers they have available on the Masters of Malt site here. Additionally, they make baubles which contain the same small bottles of alcohol that you can view here.

I tweeted Masters of Malt earlier this week to ask when you need to order to get these delivered before Christmas. Don’t fear, if you love the look of these but are scared they won’t make it in time, you do have time to get them! Whilst it is best to order as soon as possible, the last day you can order for weekday delivery is Thursday 20th December in order to get it on Friday 21st December, or you can order on Thursday 20th December and select for it to be delivered on the weekend. 

Honestly I think if you’re considering these and think you will enjoy them then 100% go for it. Christmas is only once a year, treat yourself (this is why I have no money).

So this brings us to the end of this review on the Drinks by the Dram Gin Christmas Crackers – I really hope that you enjoyed reading it! If you did enjoy this then please give this post a like. Also I’d love to hear what you think of these crackers so leave a comment with your thoughts! Finally, please follow my blog if you aren’t already.


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    1. Multibendybeauty says:

      They’re such a good idea! Who wants plastic spinning tops, jumping frogs, and crayons, when you can have little bottles of gin?! Xx


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