Alex Steinherr x Primark ‘Plump & Glow’ ‘The Power Mask’ Review

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Firstly hello, I’m still here! Sorry I haven’t posted for a little while but we got the news that my boyfriend’s cancer is in remission! That’s completely unrelated to this review but I just wanted to share. I didn’t post before because we were nervous, and then afterwards we were celebrating. So that’s where I’ve been. I hope you’ve been well!

Anyway, into this post!

A little while ago now I reviewed a product from the Alex Steinherr x Primark collection. The product that I reviewed, the ‘Serum-in-cream’ Moisturiser, is an absolute staple in my skincare routine now and I adore it. So, I was excited to try out some other products in this collection.

I did purchase this item a while ago but (thankfully) the Alex Steinherr collection is still stocked in Primark. This mask retails for £3.00 and contains two steps (we’ll get into that more a bit later).

As I did with my previous review for this collection, I’ll include a little information about who Alex Steinherr is, and what products were launched for her collaboration with Primark. If you read my previous review, or just already know this information, then feel free to quickly skip past this part!

Who is Alex Steinherr?

Alex Steinherr (full name Alessandra) is a beauty blogger with a following of over 185k on Instagram. She has her own website, named after her, which you can check out here.

On top of this she’s spent many years inside the beauty industry working for a couple of different beauty magazines including Glamour Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

Despite working for these companies, and having collaborated with luxury brands in the past, she chose Primark to launch this skincare collection with.

You can read more about her and the launch from an Evening Standard article here.

The Collection

The collection launched 20 different products which were broken into 5 different categories within the launch, these were: Plump & Glow, Maximum Moisture, Pollution Solution, Pore Balance and Sleep Spa. The products range in price from £3.00 to £5.00.

As you can see from the title of the review, this product was from the ‘Plump & Glow’ category of her products. I mostly ended up purchasing products from that category, and the ‘Maximum Moisture’ part of the collection, since I have dry skin. Also, my Primark didn’t have the whole collection.

The whole collection is also cruelty-free, fragrance-free, vegan friendly, and contains no parabens, phthalates, essential oils, or sulphates.

Here is a list taken from a Bustle article that details everything in the collection and what the prices of each product are:

Plump & Glow:

  • ‘Facial in a Stick’ – £5.00
  • ‘Serum-in-cream Moisturiser’ – £5.00
  • ‘The Power Mask’ – £3.00
  • ‘Plumping Lip Gloss’ – £5.00

Maximum Moisture:

  • ‘Micellar Cleansing Water’ – £5.00
  • ‘Moisture Locking Everyday Moisturiser’ – £5.00
  • ‘Hydration On-the-go’ – £4.00
  • ‘Supreme Sheet Mask’ – £3.00

Pollution Solution:

  • ‘Oil-free Gel Hydrator’ – £5.00
  • ‘Daily Skin Starter’ – £5.00

Pore Balance:

  • ‘Low pH Sulphate Free Cleanser’ – £4.00
  • ‘Super Detox Clay Mousse Face Mask’ – £5.00
  • ‘Blemish Rescue Stickers’ – £3.00
  • ‘Anti-blackhead Stick’ – £5.00

Sleep Spa:

  • ‘One-Step Night Cleanse’ – £5.00
  • ‘Sleeping Face Mask’ – £5.00
  • ‘Every Night Eye Mask’ – £4.00
  • ‘Overnight Lip Mask’ – £4.00


As shown in the above photo, the packaging for this product is pretty similar to most sheet masks. However, it has two steps so has two different compartments.

Like the rest of the collection, the packaging is white with black text. Each collection has a different coloured band printed at the top and bottom of the packaging. All of the ‘Plump & Glow’ collection has this lilac colour.

Overall, I really like the packaging, I enjoy how minimalistic and monochromatic it is. I think it looks chic and clean and certainly much more expensive than £3.00. I also find the packaging really easy to pick out from my collection. I find a lot of brands have much busier packaging and this one feels much more calm next to them.


My initial impression when trying to open the mask is that the plastic is super thick making it difficult to open. I would recommend using scissors to open the mask because it was a major struggle and I ended up using my teeth.

The first step is to use an essence before getting into the actual mask. The essence smelt pretty good, but I can’t put my finger on exactly what it smelt like. The essence is has a pretty standard serum feel and texture to it and was clear. I did find that there was a lot of this essence even though I spilled some (don’t use your teeth to open things, folk). The essence felt pretty good and I’ve never had a mask where you need to do this before so it definitely felt like more of a luxurious experience.

The instructions then say to apply the mask. Since I applied the essence first, I thought the mask might be more dry than a typical sheet mask but, to my surprise, it was absolutely dripping with serum.

When I pulled the mask out I was a little concerned at how thin the material was however it was pleasantly easy to apply and, despite being thin, didn’t stretch or rip. It also fit my face well (I find some are too wide or too long in the forehead).

I forgot to write down how long I had to leave this on for so I just went on a little hunt and apparently it was 20 minutes (might have been 15-20 but I would have left it for the max time, or forgot to keep track of time and left it longer than that). Just wanted to say that I got that information from Rebel Lipstick & Rogue Soother who also reviewed this mask, as well as some other items from the collection. Her review made me laugh so much I followed her blog so go check out her blog.

Anyways, after the 20 minutes (or probably more) I removed the mask. I found that my face still had a lot of serum on it which took quite a while to be absorbed, even with massaging my face.

I found that my skin felt really moisturised, plump, and soft, plus it made my complexion look more even. The next day my face still felt amazing and moisturised (which, considering my face is like a desert, is a big deal).

Overall, I really like this mask and I’d definitely recommend picking it up if you have dry skin. I do think, dare I say, that there is too much serum. Even as someone with dry skin there was just so much of it! I ended up with serum from step 1 left over in the packet, as well as loads in the step 2 part which wasn’t on the mask itself. However, it is really amazing at moisturising and I’d definitely purchase it again. I think it definitely lives up to its ‘Plump & Glow’ name and it’s a great mask!

I forgot to include this in my last review and someone asked in the comments so, if you’d like to try this mask (or anything else from the collection) then you can see which Primark stores this collection is available at through this link.

Okay that’s it for this review! I hope that you enjoyed reading and are excited for a few more Alex Steinherr x Primark reviews. If you did enjoy reading then please give this review a like and make sure you following my blog if you aren’t already – I post twice a week.


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